A new world record is set in Hungary forthe world ‘s tallest Legotower as it reaches a grand height of 34.67 meters.

lego-tower hungary2The tower, which took four days to complete and was completed on Sunday, has been certified as the world’s tallest toy brick structure by Guinness World Records. Accordingto hvg.hu newsportal, construction of the Legotower began on Wednesday with several school children taking part helped by official Danish Lego constructors. Standing at 34.67meters, this Legotower, constructed in front of Saint Stephen’s basilica, beats the US world record of 34.43 meters. Hundreds and thousands of plastic blocks were used in the construction which is topped by a Rubik’s cube.

Officials from the Guinness World Record Company arrived in Budapest on Saturday to verify the record. A spokesman for Guinness World Records confirmed that the tower qualified as the “tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks.”

based on article of hvg.hu
translated by GulyasA

Photo: MTI – Barnabas Honeczy

Source: http://hvg.hu/

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