Brown bear, Photo:

A camera recorded in Miskolc how a brown bear walked on the tram rails on Sunday at dawn. The devices belong to the local government’s security body. 

Based on the videos, the bear visited a lot of streets between 0:30 and 0:49 am. Security guards immediately called the police, and the local government asked for the help of the Bükk National Park and their experts, 24 reported.

The video below shows the running bear in Miskolc for a couple of seconds.

Újgyőri piacos élmények

Máté Somody 发布于 2020年10月17日周六

A couple of days before, locals found some bear footprints in Lyukóvölgy, a suburb of the North-East-Hungarian city on the muddy soil. Furthermore, on the fence of a house, they found some of the bear’s fur. The local government asked the police and members of the militia to draw the attention of the locals to how dangerous a bear can be for human lives.

The experts of the national park said that everybody should avoid any encounter with a bear, even if they are still bear cubs, because their mother could be around somewhere, and such situations can be deadly for any of us. Therefore, everybody going on a trip to a forest should stick to the tourist routes. Moreover, nobody should do so before dawn or after dark, and we should make as much noise as possible to warn the bears nearby. Finally, if we meet a bear, we should not try to run away or attack it because it is stronger and faster than us. If it approaches us, we should not provoke it, and we should not move too fast, either.


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