Hungary photograph Italy winner
The winning photograph. It’s title is “Whoosing” – Photo:

Regő Füssi-Nagy has been taking nature photos only for a couple of years, but experts say that he is very talented. Thus, not surprisingly, he has already won many awards.

The Asferico International Nature Photography Competition was organised this year for the 13th time, and in the category of 15-17-year-olds, a Hungarian teen was awarded the first prize. Regő Füssi-Nagy won with a photo of a swallow with which he already won a competition last year and became Hungary’s Young Nature Photographer of the Year, reported.

Hungary photo winner Italy
Mammals – Photo:

The website could talk with Regő who said that during the holidays, he lived on a farm with his parents and three younger siblings near Sárospatak where his parents lead a small bio farm. Since they do everything without machine power, they need everybody to help. Thus, Regő can take photos only in his free time, but he can find themes everywhere around their house. For example, the winning photo was taken near the forge where many swallows were nesting at the time. Regő’s aim is to explore the whole region and

take photos of its beauties and wildlife.

He has been taking nature photos since 2015 and has been taking part in Hungarian competitions for years. He sends his photos regularly to international competitions as well, and this is the second time he took part in the Asferico, winning his category. Experts say that he has a bright future in the field.

Hungary photo winner Italy
Dance – Photo:

Talking about his plans, Regő said that he would like to open an exhibition in Sárospatak, but he is also thinking about a travelling fair.

Last year, when he became Hungary’s Young Nature Photographer of the Year, he won a 3-day opportunity to take photos in Bence Máté’s high-stands near Ópusztaszer, and Bence helped him editing the photos, too. 

Hungary photo winner Italy
Freedom – Photo:

In this year’s Asferico competition, there were five more Hungarian nature photographers whose photos were listed among the top 80 out of the 19 thousand the contestants sent for the international jury.

Hungary photo winner Italy
The farm – Photo:

HERE you can read about Hungarian nature photographer Bence Máté’s photography, which won the category of birds at the ‘Nature Photographer of the Year’ competition. More than 10,000 photographs took part in the competition from 55 different countries.










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