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In 2 years’ time, the Advent Feast at the Basilica has climed up to the second place at the Best Christmas Market online competition organized by European Best Destinations – independent travel portal. Thanks to Hungarian visitors and foreign tourists it received ten thousand more votes than last year.

Advent Fest at the Basilica participated 2 years ago for the first time in the competition and finished last year in the fourth place, just missed the the TOP3 position behind Vienna.

This time it managed to get the title of the second best European Christmas Market in 2019, ahead of the prestigious Vienna and Strasbourg Christmas Markets.

The only Hungarian venue among the candidates have overtaken classic Christmas Markets, such as Nuremberg, the oldest Christmas market in the world, or Prague as one of most popular tourist destination in Europe.

Within 10 days, the page received more than 208.000 votes from all over of the world, majority of them (66%) from Europe. Advent Feast at the Basilica got more than 26.000 votes. As it was stated in the official communication of the competition: was the most popular webpage based on ’christmas market’ search at Google.

The good result is unique opportunity to highlight Budapest as a key Christmas Market destination within Europe.

Last December more than 300.000 tourists visited Budapest and most of them arrived from European countries. In the winter season, especially in December, European countries are the key emitting markets in Budapest. The outstanding result can give further boost for the tourism industry in Hungary.

The creators of the event are very proud of the result! Thanks to the support of the Bishop of St. Stephen’s Basilica it can provide special welcome for the visitors. The homely atmosphere plays the main role at the magical square.

Here is the list of the TOP 10 European Christmas Markets:

  1. Tallin (Estonia)
  3. Strasbourg (France)
  4. Vienna (Austria)
  5. Erfurt (Germany)
  6. Poznan (Poland)
  7. Brussels (Belgium)
  8. Aachen (Germany)
  9. Prague (Czech Republic)
  10. Cluj (Romania)

The Advent Basilica can continue to use the European Best Christmas Markets TOP 5 title and logo for all your communications. The fair organizers are grateful for the support for everyone!

More details about Feast:

Featured image: Advent Feast at the Basilica

Source: Advent Feast at the Basilica

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