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The Slovakian PM published a Facebook post yesterday in which he apologised to the Hungarians living in Slovakia because of the injustices they have to endure if they adhere to their mother tongue.

“Hello my dear friends, for whom the peaceful Hungarian-Slovakian cohabitation in Slovakia is important, I would like to apologise frankly for the injustices you had to live through during your life only because you did not want to give up your mother tongue,” he started his post. Furthermore,

he wrote, “my dear friends” in Hungarian; however, with a minor grammatical mistake.

According to Index, he said that Slovakians suffered due to the same reasons in the 19th century in the Hungarian Kingdom (which was later separated in the Peace Treaty of Trianon).

He added that the representatives of the Hungarian community living in Slovakia asked the state before to allow the use of the Hungarian language in official interactions or the courts. It happened many times that Hungarians living in Slovakia suffered injustices because they used their mother tongue. Furthermore, even the Slovakian language law currently in effect discriminates against the languages of ethnic minorities.

The Hungarians living in Slovakia

suffered injustices not only because of their language but also because they cleaved unto their identity,

he stated. The most well-known slap in that respect was the mass deportation of Hungarians after WWII when only those could escape that fate who gave up their nationality and said that they were Slovaks.  

Igor Matovic referred to the commemoration he organised on the 100th anniversary of the Trianon Peace Treaty in the Castle of Bratislava in front of Hungarians as well as the members of the Slovakian Parliament. He wrote that the representatives of the Party of the Hungarian Community (MKP) handed him a memorandum listing the problems and injustices the local Hungarian community have to deal with each day. According to Index, the press and even some Slovakian politicians criticised the document.


  1. If Slovakia’s PM Matovic REALLY wants to do something for the BEST INTEREST of future generation of Slovakia, he should make available learning ENGLISH for all schools at the elementary level, whether they are Hungarian schools or Slovak school. It is the world language now and will help communicate among all languages. The internet, Google translate, smartphone apps and language gadgets, all help breakdown the language barriers.

  2. Stop promoting this shitty crap language pls.Its only that important because UK was ruling the world in past and then US took the flag.Those times are over.Future(and wven present) technologies and advancing of other nations will wipe this out in one to two decades.Use common sense,oh sorry i forgot that i live in UK so should be aware of the fact English have non

  3. ” excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta ” ….

    Steve Tarnay, I am quite sure that children study English in Slovak schools like almost everywhere else in Europe. However, language in Slovakia is Slovak, Hungarian children living there are blessed with the opportunity of learning Hungarian at home and Slovak in school. When time comes, they will learn other languages too, if they wish. But please, let’s not inforce English language dominance, there is no need. And one thing I can tell you for sure: children always find a way to communicate with each others, children language knows no flag nor nationalities or borders, it is universal.

  4. Mario, you are right! Children’s language is universal. Thank you.

  5. I got better idea.Let build time- machine.Jump in put in time b4 Columbus …So slovakian will colonaise Nort America well some islands in Ocean of course with nice tropical weather..than took over Madagascar to finish Benovský task..Than start trading with India and Africa. Btw all gold and silver from middle of Slovakia we use to build our country ! After this ! All other countries will must study Slovakian language only.

  6. Both sides have grievances, however for 900 years Hungarians and Slovaks have lived together, fought together and died together. In the 21st century the time has come for both to put the past behind and build a future as good neighbors that is better than the past.

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