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Did you know that Hindi which is the most popular and nationally recognised language of India is very popular in Hungary?

It has its roots in the almost 120 year old Department of Indian Studies, at ELTE University which first started teaching Hindi in 1960s, when Dr. Árpád Debreceni started taking classes in the department. Later Dr. Mária Négyesi, was made in charge to structure the Hindi studies as parallel with Sanskrit studies.

As a pioneer, Dr. Négyesi introduced Hindi through literature, music and films of India. Today Hungarian Hindi & Sanskrit scholars are teaching & researching all over the world. Several Hindi books have been translated into Hungarian from well known writers, playwrights and poets.

Hindi language Hungary India
Prof. Mária Négyesi. Press Release

Prof Imre Bangha’s name comes first who has contributed by translating several poems of Meera Bai and other devotional poets. Another name that comes to the surface is of Judit Bernadett Borbély’s who has translated books under the India Library Project, chief amongst them are the Manu Smriti & the Tamas published in 2019. Young Professor, Péter Sági who spends half his year in India assimilating with the cultures to learn and get enriched in Hindi more, has been diligently translating works of various poets from Sanskrit and Latin into Hindi. His ‘Shabdavali’

a comprehensive Hindi-Hungarian dictionary

is a significant contribution for Hindi studies in Hungary.

Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Centre, under the Embassy of India has been running a Hindi Course under the leadership of Dr. Mária Négyesi for many decades and churning out Hindi lovers and scholars. Many of them are doing research on Hindi songs and Bollywood.

Bollywood or the Hindi cinema industry churns out nearly 700-1000 films every year.

Another 1000 films are made in other Indian languages. In Hungary the popularity of Hindi has also grown because of Bollywood films.

The first film club was opened in the 1980s by Mónika Horváth at Örökmozgó Cinema which attracted many people to watch the undubbed & unsubtitled Hindi films and

made the language and Indian culture extremely popular in Hungary.

Here the credit of making subtitled Hindi films available in Hungary goes to film maker & Professor of film studies, Györgyi Vajdovich, who first learnt Hindi to translate her favourite Bollywood films for herself and then her students. Today she not only understands Hindi but teaches about Indian films more prolifically.

On the occasion of Hindi Day, the artists and India Lovers are posting their favourite Hindi words on social media and are also reciting poetry, talking about their love for Hindi language and thus paying a tribute to this beautiful, lucid and artistic language.

Source: Press Release

  1. Nice sounding language, easy to learn I think, similar to Italian. Sounds good in music. Be nice if they switch to Latin alphabet. Beats Chinese or Arabic.

  2. TODAY (Sept 14th) IS NOT WORLD HINDI DAY!!!!!! TODAY IS HINDI DAWAS (Hindi Day). World Hindi Day is celebrated on the 10th of January!!!! WOW! Doesn’t anyone factcheck these articles before publication?

  3. Well done for correcting the headline and taking out ‘World’. You should have taken out ‘Wow’ as well because Hindi Day happens every year since 1949. Not ‘Wow’ at all.

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