bomb budapest hungary
Photo: MTI/Mihádák Zoltán

A large unexploded bomb dating from the second world war has been discovered during earth works in Budapest’s City Park, the municipal government office announced on Thursday.

The 100kg device will be neutralised at the site on Friday morning, the office said, adding that the police will evacuate and close down streets around the south-western corner of the park for the duration of the operation starting at 8am.

Sections of István, Marek József, Dembinszky, and Peterdy streets between Dózsa György Road and Murányi Street, as well as Chazar A.

Street will be closed for traffic.

Evacuation of the area will affect some 3,500 people. The authorities will provide temporary shelters as well as transport and personal assistance to the sick and elderly, the government office said.

Buses and trolley buses will be rerouted during the operation.

Source: MTI

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