You can eat ice cream half price off on 8th May, the Hungarian Artisanal Ice Cream Day. shared at which places you can eat half price off.

This special event started in Hungary a few years ago. Basically, on 8th May, the Day of Ice cream you can eat at half price at the places which joined the event. Another aim of this day is that ice cream lovers surprise a nearby public institution with a few balls of ice cream, for example a kindergarten or a hospital. Therefore, the less advantaged people can be part of eating an ice cream. The places which are joined the event will put a sticker on their shops, thus, people can spot it from distance where to find the half price ice cream balls.

On this link, you can find a list of the joined places:

According to, these are the places which regarded as Budapest’s best ice-bars:

Vari Cukraszda

It may be far from the center of the city (to be honest, it is really far) but if you once tasted an ice cream ball in this ice-bar, you will never forget it. You can find a lot of diploma and silver and gold prices all around: it could be troublesome just to pick the scone because of the lot of choices and you also have to made decision in the flavor which can range from the extra chocolate to plum Palinka. Between the choices you can find lactose-free, gluten-free and sugar-free ice creams which are flavored with stevia. For the ice-bar’s benefit it has to be mentioned that they use organic milk and the fruits they use are purchased from Hungarian small-scale producers. It is hard to write it down as it is a heaven at the end of the world.


This place has also joined the National Ice Cream Day. Memo was founded in order to bring the Italian ice cream making traditions to Hungary: the real traditions with high quality ingredients. They celebrate a flavor on every week, its specialty is the ice cream in brioche and the cakes are so delicious that it cannot be described. The ice cream bonbons and the ice cream cakes are also a must. Yes, that lot of product from ice cream. There is always a queue at this place and the prices might be above average but you have to believe there is a reason for that.

Daubner Cukraszda

Besides the special flavors, the toppings and the crispy candy brittle, the gluten and sugar free ice creams, you might think that is a new place; however, the Daubner is thought as a legend in Budapest. We can go with anyone, we will leave happily either we want vanilla ice cream or we are trying to watch our figure: and the prices are not so high.

Gelart Rosa

This city center ice-bar gained an award from Trip Advisor in 2013 but its success can be seen as customers are making videos while their ice cream marvel is being made which are prepared in a rose form. This special technique and the few thousand videos on Instagram about it make it a worth visiting place but the not so average flavors also arouse attention to this place.

Fragola Fagylaltozo

This place has six shops in Budapest. It is no surprise that people like it so much, because besides the stracciatella and strawberry ice creams we can find Gorgonzola, Tihany camembert or chili-spiced fondant: so it is a place for gourmet persons and also for the ones who love nice places to find sweets because the place’s design is fantastic.

Levendula Fagylaltozo

This is a new place among Budapest’s old ice-bars; however, it has gained such a success that it has opened four ice bars around Budapest. The Levendula ice-bar’s secret is the lavender: this herb is used for in numerous flavor combinations. Moreover, there are milk and sugar free versions, too. You can have a little sample and the place has its beautiful charm.

Charlotte Cukraszda

The Charlotte patisserie is not famous for its cakes (the suggests the Charlotte cake which is the place’s specialty: a soft and filled cake) but for the traditional ice creams which are made from cooked cream. All of them are based on a traditional Italian recipe. The writer of the article also suggests eating the ice cream at the place because the design is beautiful.

Galetaria Lavanda

The owner of the place is planned to open an Italian patisserie and ice-bar which they had done, plus they wanted to add a little modernism to the place. In the Lacanda’s ice creams there is no artificial coloring or added aroma; and they are so Italians that the ingredients are bought from their little Italian artisanal workshop.

Szamos Gourmet Haz

They are unbeatable in marzipan and they are Hungarians but where do they stand in regards of ice cream? We can say that it is the highest quality. We can eat ice cream from scone or from bowl, either on the terrace or walking on the Vorosmarty square. The recommends the different scones but they are so beautiful that it is a shame to eat them: however, in the end they always disappear without shame and with fulfillment.

Zila Kavehaz – Krisztina Cukraszda

This particular patisserie is also part of the National Ice Cream Day’s offer. With its special form of cakes are liked by everyone, this summer they started their vacuum cooker and they have made their own ice creams, too. Their ice-reams come in the flavor of rose-hips, rhubarb-strawberry and buckthorns; in addition, these flavors come in the form of jam if the weather wouldn’t be so hot.

Jono Yogo

It might not be ice cream but frozen yoghurt, it is worth visiting this place because it is refreshing with a lot of extras. Gluten free variations can be consumed by lactose intolerants but the most amazing thing is that we can make our own composition with yoghurt, syrup and extras, too. We can be a little bit of creators ourselves: we don’t have to be afraid to make a mistake because the ingredients don’t let us.


It has become one of Budapest’s favorite places so it is not shocking that in its repertoire there are ice creams. Furthermore, Kiosk is trying to bring its quality: all of the refreshing sweets are home-made, hand-made and the perfect complementary for the famous hamburger trio. Moreover, we can take a nice walk at the Danube’s riverside while we are eating the ice cream.

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