According to the information of MTI, the discounts providing free rail travel for wide groups, and which were introduced in Slovakia last autumn, are popular among foreigners too, said.

The free rail travel for pensioners and young people may be available with prior registration, almost 13 and a half thousand Slovak citizens have used the option.

The registered foreigners have traveled about  20 thousand journeys, 1.7 kilometers under the free passenger transport so far, which means an average of 85 km-road per capita. According to the data of the Slovakian railway company, the largest shares of foreigners receiving free travel are Hungarian and Czech citizens.

Prime Minister Robert Fico’s cabinet has decided on the introduction of the very extensive rail travel discount package, which is unprecedented in the history of the country, last autumn, the measure has into force on November 17.

On this basis, all children under 15, all full-time students under 26, and all people above 62 and the pensioners have free access to the rail transport.

The discount, which entitles to buy second-class tickets for free, applies equally to almost all of the lines of public and private railway companies, except Intercity and Eurocity trains.

The discount can be enforced by both Slovak and foreign citizens. The discount is available for children until 6 years without a ticket, for children until 15 years with the ticket redeemed by identity document, for students with the ticket redeemed by student card, for the other passengers belonging to the other categories with the card can be redeemed at the railway company.

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