Sheep as a pet in the downtown of Eger

A video was also made of the strange scene with the sheep – the “pet” was not really disturbed as it seems, and it just kept sniffing around in peace at the McDonald’s of Eger. 

According to “Bori” the sheep has grown on her owner in such a way that she is kept as a pet besides the dogs and cats of the household. The leashed sheep was waiting patiently while her owner was eating. The special scene was uploaded by Natália Bocsi to her Instagram page. 

It has been revealed that this was not the only case when Bori made an appearance in Eger because she regularly appears in different parts of the city at her owner’s side and makes locals smile around her. 

“I have brought her downtown to make children happy. I think I managed to do so because many of them have taken photos with my little Bori,”

 said Imre Seres, the owner of Bori in December 2016, reports

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