According to, the calculated aggregate gambling tax of the casinos was HUF 7.357 billion (EUR 23.732 million), the paid amount – which was reduced by the concession fee – was HUF 3.086 billion – András Tállai,  Secretary of State for parliamentary and taxation issues in the the Ministry of National Economy (NGM) said.

The Secretary of State said: the overall gambling tax base of the casinos was HUF 22.457 billion last year. He added: there will be information about the actual 2015 revenues from February 2016.

According to Tállai, 1.2 million people visited the 8 casinos operating in Hungary, approximately 900 thousand Hungarian and 300 thousand foreign guests, wrote.

The tax and customs authority (NAV) checks the casinos based on an annual audit plan every month. The authority checked the institutions 682 times last year, they found shortcomings in 48 cases and imposed fines 4 times. During the supervision of the total gaming market NAV carried out 13,144 inspections, issued 2387 final decisions and imposed a total of HUF 826 million fine by 509 decisions – the Secretary of State said.

Tállai also told that all gambling organizers have to publish gambler protection information on their websites, on the point of sale and at the cash desks from January 1, 2016.

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