According to, the perfect way to end a summer day is with a romantic boating on a lake. There are lakes in every part of Hungary suitable for such a purpose, and here are the 10 most beautiful ones you should visit.

Amazing lake system in Orfű

One of the most beautiful lake systems in Hungary is in Orfű, 15 km from Pécs. The lakes can even be approached by bike, through the hills of Mecsek. The biggest lake of the system, as well as the biggest in Baranya county, is Lake Pécs, which exists since 1966. Fans of water sports prefer this lake, while anglers frequent Lake Kovácsszénája, further away from the other lakes. Lake Orfű, also known as “the small lake” is great for swimming, with a sandy bottom, and regularly inspected, good quality water.


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Boating and more in Sóstó

The lake in Nyíregyháza-Sóstó has been known for its healing powers since the 15th century. Today, it’s surrounded by weekend houses, restaurants, and parks, and has a big bird population. The lake is also great for lovers of water sports, but the town has a thermal bath, a zoo, and an ethnographic museum as well.


Boating in the cave of Tapolca

The Lake Cave in Tapolca is unique because it is the only cave in Central Europe which can be explored by boat. A 300 metre long section is open to visitors, with beautiful rock formations, and cool temperatures around 20 degrees. The air in the cave can be beneficial for people with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory diseases.

tapolca lake cave

9 hectares of water in Sárvár

Sárvár offers more than just boating as well. The lake system covers a 9-hectare area, with five picturesque bridges and many islands. It also has a big swan population. Fishing, boating, and cooking on the shore are also allowed, and there is a playground and a thermal bath nearby – it’s the ideal location for a family holiday.


Canal system in Gyula

The lake in Gyula is connected to a series of canals which cross the town to finally arrive at the castle, where giant weeping willows lean over the water. Many bridges cross the water route and you can switch to boats or paddle boats at several points during a walk in the town.

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Scuba diving in Esztergom

Not many people know, but one of the clearest lakes in Hungary can be found 40 km away from Budapest, in Esztergom. The former mine pit lake has several beaches, some of them with sandy shores or even water slides. Boating is the least of the excitement as certified scuba divers can dive in the lake, and Central Europe’s only Scuba Diving Museum is here, as well.

palatinus tó esztergom

Turn-of-the-century romantic atmosphere in Tata

One of the most well-known, as well as the oldest fishing lakes in Hungary is the Old Lake in Tata, which is surrounded by many interesting sights and programmes: Tata Castle, the Esterházy Palace, the English Gardens, the Calvary Hill, many built and natural beaches, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafés. Boating on the lake transports you to a different era.

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Hidden gem in Kaposvár

Fairly unknown, but all the more beautiful is Lake Deseda, north of Kaposvár. The 8 km long lake is bordered by the city on one side and nature on the other. There is a 17 km long track for cyclists in the beautiful countryside, and nature lovers can visit the arboretum on the lake’s peninsula. Besides boating, many other water sports can be enjoyed on the lake.


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Boating lake in summer, ice skating rink in winter

The lake in the City Park in Budapest is well-loved by locals and tourists alike. The lake, which becomes the City Park Ice Rink in winter, offers a great view of the Vajdahunyad Castle, the surrounding greenery, and the well-known ice rink building.

városligeti műjégpálya ice rink city park
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Among the mountains in Lillafüred

Lake Hámori, next to the Lillafüred hotel palota, a 1930s castle-turned-hotel, has a unique atmosphere in every season. Boating on the emerald coloured water gives an amazing view of the surrounding mountains, but you can discover the valley of the lake by hiking, or taking scenic train tours.

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