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10 cities in Hungary you should not miss

10 cities in Hungary you should not miss

Visiting Hungary is certainly a unique experience. It might be a cliché, but this country has so much to show that even Hungarians often do not manage to see everything worth seeing. If you have to visit the ten most significant cities in Hungary, recommends you to try these.

  1. Budapest

Naturally, when you are visiting a foreign a country, seeing the capital is always a must. The city, which is the unification of three (Buda, Pest and Óbuda), is enormously rich in history and culture. One fifth of Hungary’s population lives here on the banks of River Danube, and several cultures have left their landmarks in the city during the centuries. We could recommend a whole bulk of sights to see, but just to mention a few, one of Europe biggest parliaments, Budavári Palace and Szent István cathedral come to our minds first.

  1. Gödöllő – Grassalkovich Castle


Elizabeth Wittelsbach, the empress of Austria and the queen of Hungary and Bohemia was one of the most famous monarchs in Europe. She famously loved Hungary, which is proven by the facts that she learned Hungarian and spent most of her time here. Her former palace is still standing in Gödöllő and it can be visited. The building functions mostly as a museum. Whether you intend to visit the palace or not, Gödöllő provides a fascinating sight.

  1. Vác

Vác is a smaller town in the northern region of Hungary. It is situated on the bank of River Danube and provides a quiet asylum from the crowded and noisy city life. It has also won the title of “the city of culture” hence its several exhibitions. Just to mention some of its attractions, the Greek Church, the cathedral and the museums are certainly worth a visit. Among the latter ones we would especially recommend Tragor Ignác Museum, where you can visit the local mummies.

  1. Sopron

The Civitas Fidelissima or the “Most Loyal City” lies near the Austrian border. This geographical situation caused the lots of different cultural impacts that’s traces can be seen in the city. Besides its famously good beers, Sopron is also popular for being the venue of one of the greatest Hungarian pop music festivals, the Volt Festival.

  1. Eger


Eger is a peaceful historical town in the northeastern part of Hungary. The town about which Géza Gárdonyi wrote his world-famous novel The Stars of Eger is mostly known for its tourist attractions. Here you can find one of the most magnificent castles in Hungary and a spectacular bath. Eger is also a center for Hungarian wine producing; this is where the famous red wine Egri Bikavér is made.

  1. Debrecen

Debrecen was the largest city in Hungary until the unification of Budapest in 1873. Every year, on 20th August, the Flower Festival of Debrecen is organized, which is a celebration of art and creativity. The city is also famous for its delicious sausages. Last but not least, Debrecen is one of the greatest centers of musical education in Hungary. Furthermore, it is the most important Calvinist center in Eastern Europe.

  1. Szentendre

The city of Szentendre is situated only 45 minutes away from Budapest. This close location makes it easier for both tourists from abroad and residents of Budapest to visit this fascinating place. Its most significant attractions are the museums like the MicroArt Museum, the Museum of the Ferenczy Family and the Szamos Marzipan Museum.

  1. Visegrad


Visegrad — which is the denominator of the V4 alliance — is one of the most spectacular cities with a castle. It resides north to Budapest in about an hour of driving, and its bastions offer a unique view on the area. The local Royal Palace and the Renaissance games are certainly the most characteristic attractions in the city.

  1. Pécs

This city on the southwestern edge of the country is filled with history and culture. It was elected as the European Capital of Culture in 2010, and not without a reason. Among the lots of historical and cultural sights to see in Pécs, we would highlight the landmarks of two world religions: the Old Christian Tombs and the Mosque of Pasha Qasim.

  1. Tokaj and its wine area


If someone might choose one thing Hungary is famous for, it would probably be the wine. The wine area of Tokaj can be found in the northeastern region of Hungary, and it consists of 30 settlements. Not just the several prize-winning wines are worth a taste, but the sight of the endless vineyards are incomparable with anything else in the world.

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