The collected 10 interesting fact of the Balaton Lake:

1. The Balaton Lake’s water is radioactive in a medium level
The asks the reader not to be scared from this shocking news. This means nothing bad. Moreover, the ’Hungarian sea’ is curative because of it. Our grandmothers, who spent the summers at the Balaton Lake, said that they loved the beach when it wasn’t rocky and it was really good for their back pains or arm pains to lie in the sandy beach and in the shallow water. And they enjoyed the warm sunbeams while relaxing in the wet sand.

2. The Tapolca Lake Cave exist because of the Balaton surrounding  volcanic activity
How is it possible? Thanks to the volcanic activity in the Dunántúl’s region (former Pannon-tó), a lot of geysers broke out. These are responsible for the Lake Cave’s entrances and for the surface of the Tihany Peninsula.

3. The former Balaton was bigger
The Ice age and the breakings of the earth’s crust caused the Balaton Lake’s bottom to form.  For the weather was wet, cold and rainy, it developed. The former Lake was not only bigger than today’s Balaton Lake but it was also deeper. It could be under water nowadays till the Somogyi és Zala Mountains. The Tihany Peninsula, for example, was an island back then.

4. Mysterious graves
The heart shaped graves in Balatonudvar’s old graveyard attract visitors who love mysteries. The 19th century grave stones don’t have any explanations to this day. We still don’t know why they made such graves in the beginning of the 1800s.

5. Rákóczi’s tree can be found at Balaton-felvidék
Or at least one of the trees which according to the legend: Rákóczi’s horse was tied to. The area oldest tree, the balatonakarettyai matuzsálem was dried out in the 60s; for the last time it had grown green, it was 1987. Visitors can only see its ‘carcass’.
How old is this tree? It is said that it had existed in 1532, at the time of Kenesei’s Parliament. What else is to know about it? It used to mark the boarder of Zala and Somogy for the anglers.

6. The Balaton Lake could overflow
Like In 2014 February, the Balaton Lake could be overflow, in which case the unnecessary water is discharged at the Sió cannal.

7. The Balaton lake could dry out
In the beginning of 2000 the water level was really low. What would happen if the lake dries out? It would take four years to the streams, waters and the trenches to fill up the Balaton Lake in a natural way.

8. Szentbékálla has its amazing secrets
At the edge of the town, visitors can found the rocks. Due to the intense volcanic activity, the rocks were formed. Later on, the wind, the rain and the erosion has further formed the rocks.  The rocks magnitude and height is various; visitors can found such a big rock as a house, too. Among the rocks the most interesting is the movable rock: if someone stands at the end of the rock, it moves.

9. It is used to be covered by a meter thick ice
The Balaton Lake’s water was frozen so people crossed the ice by foot to get from one shore to another. People couldn’t ice skate or play on slides for weeks or for months. From the previous century the thickest ice was 75 centimeters in 1928-1929 winters.

10. The ships were wrecked
If we talk about World War II, a lot of people think about Budapest’s siege. We forget about the bombard when they wanted to destroy the harbors on Balaton Lake.  Therefore, the significant parts of ship were destroyed.

Two interesting facts:
First, in the 18-19 centuries Keszthely was a ship building city thanks to the Festetics family. Here they made the Főnix ship which sadly was not survived. The second, motor boats were in the lake from 1927. Obviously, after the war there were not enough vehicles for transportation; therefore, the harbor had to be renovated. One of the best things at Balaton Lake : the harbors and walking nearby the pier and staring at the sea. And also, sailing.

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translated by Andrea Toth


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