According to, Evening Standard encourages its readers to visit Budapest in 2016 and they even collected 10 reasons why it is worth visiting our capital. The English magazine started out by stating that Budapest “is packed with cool cafes, hipster hotels, grand architecture and exciting design” and then listed 10 quite convincing reasons. Let’s go through them briefly.

  • It’s affordable

The writer of the article thinks that Budapest has revived as an exciting and affordable design destination. Hotels are ran in the turn of the century buildings, while there are also many ruin bars and coffee shops in the courtyards of old tenement houses.

  • The design

Three entertainment places are emphasized in the article by its design: Kiosk for its arrangement and its panorama of Danube, Mazel Tov as a new wave ruin bar and Menza, where you can eat for reasonable prices under floral wallpaper and bright ceiling.

  • It has a film vibe

Besides the view of the city that reminds us of a film the writer also entices the readers by saying that you might even meet Matt Damon or other Hollywood stars in Brody Studios.

  • The café culture

You can find amazing turn of the century cafés and different coffee shops basically on every corner in Budapest. The writer also recommends trying our famous Dobos Cake and visiting Gerbeaud.

  • Thermal baths

Hungarian baths are not world-famous by accident. They are perfect for spending time and relaxation with your friends after a morning of sightseeing. Szécheny, Gellért, Palatinus Beach…choose whichever you like.

széchenyi bath

  • Shopping

When it comes to shopping, the writer highlighted smaller design shops and galleries, cafés where you can buy designer products like Paloma, Printa and Rhododendron.

  • Hipster hotels

Budapest’s boutique hotels are outstanding and the Brody House hotel is recommended in the article, in which all furniture and decorations were made by local artists.

brody house

  • House of Terror Museum

The writer defined the experience as “a terrifying but obligatory experience that will help you understand Budapest’s chequered 20th century history”. It says it all.

  • Liszt Academy of Music

It is the most famous concert hall of Budapest where everything is made of shining marble. You shouldn’t miss this place if you’re in this part of the city and you’ll probably be there sooner or later.

  • The oldest metro in Europe

The writer encourages everyone to travel with the millennium subway. The narrow carriages, small doors, the worn out leather handholds make you feel like you’re in a completely different world.

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  1. This article is correct in every way! Budapestid a unique experience in many ways!

  2. Oh! the thermal baths. it sounds amazing. If you are looking for countries where you can travel at a cheap price and the places worth visiting, then Nepal is an amazing place. As compared to any other countries it is cheaper and affordable.

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