According to, a Hungarian silent film premiered in 1915 was found in the EYE Filmmuseum of Amsterdam. The blouse is one of the oldest Hungarian feature films to have remained. It is also the only movie that remained featuring the era’s star actor, Gyula Hegedűs.

Gyula Hegedűs was such an important character that even a street was named after him in the neighbourhood of his onetime theatre, the Vígszínház. After negotiations between the Hungarian Film Archive and the EYE Filmmuseum, the movie, directed by István Bródy, can now be part of the film archive, where it will be restored and digitized.

At first, the Dutch researchers thought that they had found an Austrian creation in their collection, because there were German labels on the reels and the title of Lehár’s Gipsy Love operetta was – wrongly – written on the boxes in German. But the movie’s story didn’t match with the operetta’s, so they started a deeper investigation. This is how they found out about the Hungarian film drama titled The blouse (A munkászubbony) in the database.

The discovery of the movie is a great sensation, because the Hungarian Film Archive didn’t have any recordings from the movie, even though it is one of the first long Hungarian feature films. Negotiations have already started about the returning of the copy.


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