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It is not always easy to put your feelings into words on your own. This is when we usually turn to literature for a meaningful or witty quote. Femina has collected 11 of the best quotes about travelling, all said or written by Hungarians.

Travelling is not just something that you do, it is rather something that you fall in love with. Some Hungarian authors felt the same way about it, and grabbed a pen to share these feelings.

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If travelling, wandering, exploring and adventures are important for you, and you like to challenge yourself by travelling, then you will surely find at least one among these quotes that you can connect with.


‘At home, you get to know the world, while travelling you get to know yourself. When you’re at home you are in focus, but on the road the world is. The unknown will forever remain the direction where you’re looking at’ – Béla Hamvas

‘French people say that travelling is like dying a little bit. I never agreed with this, because I like to travel, and whenever I get on the train, I feel like I’m revived’ – Dezső Kosztolányi

‘Sometimes the best thing about travelling is moving. When the scenery passes you by, when you’re together with the locals, when time flies. The circumstances do not matter: keep moving. The more tiresome your journey is, the more beautiful the memory will be’ – Dániel Belényi

‘If you cannot go abroad to explore foreign countries, beautiful villages and cities, then at least try to get to know and make the region where you live known to others.’ – Sándor István Jánosfalvi

‘All the best adventures are offered to you by chance, and it rarely offers it right where you are. You have to set off somewhere to meet them’ – Domokos Varga

‘If you travel and get to know the various cultures across the world, then your own country will become so clear to you that you will be able to see everything’ – Ernő Polgár

‘Travelling creates distance and it drags you out of the comfort of your known surroundings. It will raise a lot of questions and doubts regarding not only about what you’ve seen, but about how you perceive things, about who you really are. It gives you a chance to wonder, to recognise basic things, to be amazed by the wonders of the world’ – József Attila Tillmann

‘I set off on a long journey so that something will set off in me as well’ – Jenő Cholnoky

‘When you cross the border to another country, you will not be surprised by the things that are different from home, but by the things that are the same. Maybe this is because travelling awakens the childish creativity, the naïve wonder-hunt, the taste for the extraordinary, for the never-before-seen, for the ‘different’ – György Somlyó

‘It is much better to see something once than read about it tenfold’ – Loránd Eötvös

‘Only that person knows how far we’ve gone who saw where we set off from’ – Mór Jókai


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