Budapest, July 22 (MTI) – The victory of Christian forces led by Hungarian general Janos Hunyadi over the Ottoman Turks besieging Nandorfehervar, today Belgrade, in 1456 was commemorated in Budapest on Tuesday.

Download (8)The state commemorations began with firing salutes on ships on the Danube at the port near the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the morning.

Participants afterwards marched across Chain Bridge to Buda Castle in groups led by a military band and officers of the Hungarian Army carrying historical flags.

There representatives of the government, the defence ministry and the city of Budapest laid wreaths at the statue of Janos Hunyadi.

A commemoration started at noon in the Museum of Military History in the castle district.

After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, Sultan Mehmed II launched an attack to subjugate the Kingdom of Hungary. His immediate goal was to capture the fortress of Nandorfehervar, whose defence was organised by Hunyadi, who had fought many battles against the Ottomans in the previous two decades.

The siege eventually escalated into a major battle, during which Hunyadi led a sudden counterattack that overran the Ottoman camp, ultimately compelling the wounded sultan to lift the siege and retreat.

During the siege Pope Callixtus III ordered the bells of every European church to be rung every day at noon, as a call for believers to pray for the defenders. The practice of noon bell is traditionally attributed to the victory.

In 2011 Hungary’s parliament declared July 22 a memorial day for the Nandorfehervar victory.

Photo: MTI – Szilard Koszticsak


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