Femina.hu collected three businesses that organise walking tours in the capital that aim to show visitors that even an old and boring building on the corner, which they pass every day, can hold surprises. The tours are highly recommended for people who have lived their whole life in Budapest and think they know everything about the capital. Do they?

Get to know Budapest as you have never known it before. These exciting walking tours help visitors to discover the historical secrets and hidden stories of Budapest’s streets and buildings while the whole city becomes a monumental museum.


Sétaműhely was founded by artist Anna Lénárd, and it offers many different walking tours in Budapest.

There is one for example where visitors can chase the ghosts of Hungary’s political history in Svábhegy, District 12. Svábhegy has a pretty rich history. While in the 19th century, the place served as a shelter for Hungarian intellectuals, during the Second World War, Adolf Eichmann organised the Hungarian Jews’ deportation from here, and during the 1950’s, officers of the ÁVH were trained here. This is regarded to be one of the most exciting tours of Sétaműhely.

Photo: www.setamuhely.hu

There is also a walking tour where people can “spend a day” with Sándor Petőfi and the other Hungarian revolutionists of 1848. Visitors can see what is left of the famous Pilvax café house or the Landerer Press. For more information about these tours and others, visit Sétaműhely’s website.

Beyond Budapest

Beyond Budapest was founded by Manó Domján and Gyuri Baglyas. In the beginning, in 2007, they aimed to show the interesting side of the very heart of Budapest, the infamous District 8.

According to their website, Beyond Budapest presents the very special and contradictory district, in order to break stereotypes and to show a real and happy face of Budapest.

They use creative tools to illustrate the past, and they generate face to face meetings to understand the present. They aim to inspire openness and optimism.

Photo: www.beyondbudapest.hu

Of course, since then, the range of their tours expanded, and they organise tours in other districts as well. They organise walking tours to long-closed factories and abandoned Jewish cemeteries, but visitors can also discover the palaces of downtown or the Margaret Island.


Hosszúlépés is the third option people can choose, offering a wide range of walking tours all over Hungary. Hosszúlépés’s walking tours in Budapest, among other things, reveal where youngsters went to have fun during the Kádár Regime, discuss the legends and myths surrounding Hungarians’ beloved Queen Sisi, or expose the many secrets of the Rákosi Regime.

Photo: Facebook.com/Hosszulepes.jarunk/

Featured image: https://setamuhely.hu

Source: www.femina.hu

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