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The Hungarian capital, Budapest, is one of the most dynamically developing cities in Europe where culture, history and gastronomy are deeply rooted in the everyday lives of people, reports Given its rich historical background with magnificent buildings, like the Buda Castle or the Turkish baths, and the contemporary pleasures offered by exhibitions, restaurants and pubs, this compelling city has a lot to offer for those longing to have a great time during a short holiday.

Everybody knows the situation when it is impossible to get away from one’s work for a week, but a short outing is a must thing to do in order to get one’s second wind. And what place would be better for such a short vacation than the Hungarian capital, Budapest? In the following, it is shown how to get out the most of 1.5 days (36 hours) spent in Budapest by immersing yourself in history, culture and gastronomy. By clicking on the name of the places, you can immediately visit their websites. Have fun!


5 p.m. Improving one’s artistic taste

Right after arriving at the Hungarian capital, your 1st thing should be to visit a Hungarian gallery. Hungary’s art is relatively unknown for many tourists, although several new galleries attempt to improve the situation. One gallery absolutely worth visiting is the Art + Text Gallery located in Bedő House, an Art Nouveau-styled building. This gallery focuses on contemporary art, post-war modernism and photography, and regular international and Hungarian exhibitions can be visited.

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If you have decided to visit this place, keep in mind that similarly to many other Budapest galleries, this place is not open at weekends.

 6 p.m. Enjoying the Hungarian gastronomy

Are you tired after the long flight to Budapest? Then, sit into a winery, for instance, the Tasting Table, a very cool place where you can not only taste the most delicious Hungarian wines but given that the staff are enthusiastic about educating their guests about the Hungarian wine culture as well, you can also become a wine expert within minutes.

/facebook/Tasting Table Budapest/

However, what would the best wines of Hungary be without the best cheese and charcuterie of the country? The owner, the rightly famous American food writer, Carolyn Bánfalvi and her husband, spent months before opening this place with finding the perfect food that match the wines to offer an unforgettable culinary pleasure for guests.

10 p.m. Late night drinking

You might not know, but a few years ago, Budapest was among the best countries notable for their cocktails. One of such cocktail bars is the Boutiq’ Bar, but the Good Spirit Bar is also worth mentioning. The latter one is where more than 500 spirits can be tasted and the premium quality cocktails are all made from these drinks.


No matter whether you choose from their alcoholic drinks or from such non-alcoholic ones as the Sage Stage, you will not be disappointed.


10 a.m. Doing some sports

I admit that it is not easy to get up early after a long day, but the spectacular surrounding in which you can go jogging will compensate you for it. Budapest has developed a lot in terms of sports facilities, and today even some rundown parks and running tracks have been renewed.

quay budapest
Budapest quay /facebook/Kardos Ildikó Photography/

The Nehru Part in the southern part of the capital, for instance, offers a new running track with basketball courts and workout equipment very close to the Bálna (Whale) Building. It is absolutely amazing to run in such a beautiful surrounding with a view over the Danube.

12 p.m. Eating out on a budget

Did you know that the Jewish quarter is not only notable for its historic sites, shops and great nightlife, but for its amazing cheap restaurants as well?

If not, then you will be amazed by how many ethnic restaurants offer diverse menus, for example, the Ramenka, a Japanese bar.

You can order their famous ramen pork-based soup with noodles, and vegetables or the miso-based soup with no meat. Give it a try if you are in that area! 🙂

Japanese food restaurant

2 p.m. Walking in the neighbourhood

Being in the neighbourhood, you must visit the Rumbach Synagogue as well, a gorgeous Moorish Revival building dating back to 1872. The building is currently under renovation, but you might want to take some photos since it is amazing from outside as well. Then, if you have not had the opportunity so far to buy some souvenirs, visit Printa, which is best-known for its eco-friendly items, designer products, accessories and home decor items.


4 p.m. Further souvenirs and designer products

Hungary has its own unique fashion style, and several aspiring fashion designers aim to dictate the trends. One of them is the friendly Punch Store located in Paulay Ede Street where the products of 4 designers, Anna Amélie, Anna Daubner, Lindamelinda and Dorisivy, can be bought.

store designer product
/facebook/PUNCH Store/

Not far from this store is the Nanushka, another Hungarian brand. Its items can be purchased all over the world, but it is the only store where the widest selection is available. It was founded by Sandra Sándor in 2005 who graduated from the London College of Fashion. The clothes combine simplicity with feminity and this is where the secret of this successful business lies.

7 p.m. Time for some beverages

Budapest is one of the greatest capitals of craft beer. While there are a number of good places to visit, Bestia is a highly recommended one.

In the heart of Budapest, this place offers steaks and live music in a cosy surrounding.

The secret of the place lies in the perfectionism of its chefs that manifests in the serving of their steaks, meats and sausages. Therefore, it would not be the same without its professional staff whose only weakness is their enthusiasm for food.


9 p.m. Further pub adventures

You cannot leave Budapest without sitting into a real “ruin” pub-like Élesztő (Yeast) which was founded in 2013. This place is also famous for its amazing beers which meet the needs of guests. Other must-see places include the Kandalló, the Léhűtő Craft Beer and the Hopaholic. Your entertainment is absolutely guaranteed no matter which you choose.

beer brewery
/facebook/Léhűtő – Kézműves Söröző/Tapas Bár/


10 a.m. Last morning, strong start

Recovering from the fatigue of the previous day, you might want to visit the Rudas Bath, one of the most well-known thermal baths of the capital to relax a bit. It preserved much of its original Turkish style, but a reconstruction taking place in 2014 added extra facilities and modernised the spa.

The coolest part of the bath is undoubtedly its panorama pool on the rooftop terrace from where an exceptional view looks over the whole city.

bath rudas

12 p.m. Final gastronomical pleasures

Spending the last lunch in Budapest, you should not forget visiting the Michelin-starred restaurants either. Costes was the first Hungarian restaurant meriting the star, but you can visit the Costes Downtown, or the Onyx, the latest 2 Michelin-awarded Hungarian restaurants as well. An exclusive menu is guaranteed, and do not forget about a glass of wine either before getting to the airport.

/facebook/Onyx Restaurant/

And if you would wonder where to stay during these few days, it is a good idea to book a suite at 12 Révay Hotel or at the Callas House in the close proximity of the Opera House.

Do not forget that Budapest is full of amazing sights and pleasures, and a lot still rests to be discovered which makes you return as soon as possible! 🙂

Featured image: facebook/Kardos Ildikó Photography


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