There is a widespread conception that Hungarian drivers are aggressive and impatient. wanted to collect some typical cases, types, features of Hungarian drivers, and even though they weren’t planning on finding this much, their brainstorming seems to have been quite productive. Have you experienced any of these points?

  1. The driver going leisurely in the inner lane – It is rush hour and you are trying to get to work on the two-lane road in the city, but someone is going with 30 km/h in front of you… This kind of disregard has another type: when someone’s going with 80 km/h on the M7 highway to Budapest in the middle lane. Quite nerve-wrecking when you’re in a hurry!
  2. It’s opposite: the driver forking through the lanes – Räikkönnen is only ‘bro’ for him and he is also as tall as Rosberg, so he’s not really intimidated by speed limits, and he just can’t take a snail’s pace. This type of driver is the most frightening for 18-year-olds with fresh drivers’ license, not to mention the potential accidents this attitude might cause.
  3. The driver bowling along Andrássy Avenue – Speed never goes out of style, especially after seeing the Fast and the Furious movies. It’s not so fun on the highway, because you have to by-pass too many cars, but the Andrássy Avenue is clear at night. Pedestrians watch out!
  4. The one who speeds up so you don’t fit in – You’re in the lane that’s ending in a few metres, you signal that you want to change lanes but the driver doesn’t let you do so and speeds up instead…
  5. The driver who plays upon the ambulance – You hear the siren and move to the side. Then you see a car stuck to the back of the ambulance. You might think that it is the doctor following the ambulance but oh no, it’s someone making use of the clear way.
  6. The driver who doesn’t use index – You are about to turn left, but someone comes from the right and you’re in a good mood so you let the car go. Then it signals and turns right, and you wonder why these people have indices. It should signal the intent, not the way the wheels turn. People would probably save a lot of swearing if everyone could use this tool correctly.
  7. No affability towards others – Even though you don’t have the right of way, there are many situations when it would be much simpler if the other driver gave way and not clear the way by inches instead. But as always, everyone is in a rush.
  8. Leisure in the one-way street – Some drivers tend to go so slowly in one-way streets, while looking for a parking spot or something, that a long line draws up behind the car. It’s the best when the line is longer than a line behind the garbage truck. Must be a unique spectacle.
  9. Taxi drivers landing their passengers – This is especially fun when the location is a narrow street. Of course they have to land their passengers where they want to be landed; however they sometimes stop in the middle of the street when there’s a parking spot 10 metres away.
  10. Daddy Cool and his hazard warning indicator – Probably all of us have met Daddy Cools on the streets, who feel so powerful that they don’t even need a parking spot to stop and get something from a shop. There’s no problem at all: hazard warning indicator on in the outer lane, it surely won’t take long…
  11. The one who parks so close to you that you can’t get out – You find a cool parking spot, run your errand, get back and want to leave. But someone parked in front of you so tightly that it’s impossible to get out. So you wait and wait… and wait until the driver comes.
  12. The one who leaves the car on the corner – Naturally, buses cannot take turns this way. Driving an articulated bus in the city is not an easy task in itself, but when there are unwanted obstacles, parking on the corners… you end up with very angry bus drivers and passengers.
  13. Delivery cars stopping on the pavement – Sometimes the goods they carry are very heavy so it’s logical to stop as close to the entrance as possible. This means the pavement at times, not really caring about the pedestrians.
  14. The classic driver type who doesn’t stop for pedestrians – They feel the rhythm so much that they forget to stop at the crosswalk. I could be also intentional, but breaking would definitely hurt too much, so they speed up to cross before the pedestrians get there. It doesn’t matter that the other car stops in the neighboring lane so the pedestrians believe that they can start crossing…
  15. Joe the youngster and his non-stop tingle-tangle – Joe recently pimped up his car and it has become Joe’s new home, and he seems to have reached his life goal. What he most enjoys is driving up and down the streets while playing his favourite songs on maximum volume. You might not want to live in his neighbourhood.

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