Budapest, September 15 (MTI) – A group of 16 migrants cut through the fence at the Serbian border near Roszke on Tuesday morning, public news channel M1 reported.

Under stricter rules effective of Tuesday, damaging the border fence qualifies as a crime punishable by prison or expulsion.

The migrants cut through first the NATO razor wire barrier and threw clothes and sleeping bags on it so they could climb through without being injured, MTI’s correspondent reported.

They next cut through the three-metre high wire fence and climbed to Hungarian territory where police detained them.


  1. I don’t understand why this 16 are still alive!

    When will the police and the army start using real meusers to stop this invention? violence is the only thing that muslims understand!!!

  2. Hungarian people are the biggest raisist animals alive, you are disgusting

  3. No elana, the Hungarian people are not racist, and they are certainly not animals. Discusting is a very hard word, so I wouldn’t bring that word into play either. Hungary is doing no more than protecting it’s country from the invasion of lazy, good for nothing head bangers from other countries outside Europe. Hungary wants to keep it’s well earned cultures, and to live in peace and harmony, not to be frightened to sleep at night for fear of being strangled to death in their sleep. If you knew anything about the Hungarian people, you would not think the way you do. Hungarian people are happy, loving and tender people who would not normally hurt a fly. So what nationality are you to pass critisism?

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