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The Hévíz brook is really special because the temperature of the brook’s water remains above 20 Celsius even in winter. This is the only brook in the whole country that has warm water, Femina.hu writes. The Hévíz brook has a Tropical vibe to it, making it a beloved destination for nature lovers.

The Hévíz brook, or also called Hévíz canal is an artificial open waterway used for the transportation of water from Lake Hévíz. The lake’s water is completely changed by every fourth day.

The canal is 10-12 m wide, and it is approximately 13 km long, joining the Zala River at the end.

As the water from Lake Hévíz is hot, the Hévíz canal has unique wildlife living in and around it. One can see beautiful water lilies, grey herons, mallards and grebes.

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For these reasons, the Hévíz brook is very unique not only in Hungary but in Europe as well.

As its temperature remains above 20 Celsius even in winter, the brook never freezes. The steaming brook in the middle of winter is an amazing miracle to witness.

Canoe tours

Femina writes that those who would like to get to know the special brook of Hévíz and its wildlife better in greater detail can take canoe tours in the winter (and in winter only).

water Hévíz
Photo: Facebook.com/vidracsoport/

Three people fit into one canoe, and the tour ends in Fenékpuszta. It is worth experiencing even if someone has never tried the canoe before, as the tour leader teaches everyone how to paddle and steer the canoe. You can sign up here.

The wildlife of the brook is very well taken care of, for example, no tours are organised during the birds’ breeding period. By the way, the vegetation gets pretty dense in the other seasons anyhow, making it impossible to organise tours even if they wanted to. Canoe tours are available only during the winter season.

Featured image: Facebook.com/vidracsoport/

Source: www.femina.hu

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