This year’s Super 12 list is out! These are the 12 best white and the 12 best red Hungarian wines according to Magyar Borszakírók Köre. The quality of these wines meet even the most sophisticated customer requirements. Have you tried any of them yet? reports that Magyar Borszakírók Köre announced their Super 12 list for the third time. Members chose the 12 best Hungarian white and red wines to try in 2018. Magyar Borszakírók Köre represents and helps the work of those Hungarian writers, editors and photographers who work with Hungarian wines.

Land of wine: the best sommeliers of Hungary

Magyar Bor Nagydíj [Hungarian Wine Grand Prix] 2018 winners have also been chosen from the Super 12 lists:

Tóth Ferenc Winery’s Egri Leányka Superior 2016 from Eger and the Luka Enikő Winery’s Kékfrankos 2015 from Sopron.

The competition

Members of Magyar Borszakírók Köre taste and rank Hungarian wines from the last five years. Each wine is given a score, and the first 12 wines with the highest scores make the Super 12 list.

The wines on the Super 12 list have an outstanding quality that “meets the requirements of the most sophisticated customers,” and these wines can also compete on an international level.

There is a separate Super 12 list for white and red wines. Altogether 11 Hungarian wine regions made it onto the list in 2018. The most frequently appearing ones are the Eger Wine Region (which is represented by six wines on the list), the Tokaj Wine Region (represented by four wines), and the Szekszárd Wine Region (represented by three wines).

There’s a map that shows you where you can get the best Hungarian wines

There are wineries that not only made this year’s list, but they have also appeared in the previous two Super 12 lists as well in 2016 and 2017.

These “allstars” are Holdvölgy, Kovács Nimród Winery, Balla Géza, St. Andrea and Thummerer Winery.

The Super 12 lists consist of the following wines, presented in alphabetical order:

Super 12 – White Wines

  • Dobosi Winery – Háromszög Olaszrizling 2016 (Balaton-felvidék)
  • Figula Winery Száka – Olaszrizling 2015 (Balatonfüred-Csopak)
  • Gallay Kézműves Pince – Nyékládháza Zenit 2015 (Bükk)
  • Holdvölgy Expression – Tokaji Hárslevelű Becsek 2015 (Tokaj)
  • Káli Kövek – Rajnai Rizling Szentantalfa 2016 (Balaton-felvidék)
  • Kovács Nimród Winery – Nagy-Eged Furmint 2015 (Eger)
  • Pajzos Winery – Tokaji Hárslevelű 2015 (Tokaj)
  • Tokaj Nobilis Vineyard Estate – Barakonyi Furmint 2015 (Tokaj)
  • Tornai Winery – Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark 2016 (Somló)
  • Tóth Ferenc Winery – Egri Leányka Superior 2016 (Eger)
  • Szászi Estate – Badacsonyi Rózsakő  2017 (Badacsony)
  • Szepsy Winery – Úrágya Tokaji Furmint 2015 (Tokaj)

Super 12 – Red Wines

  • Balla Géza – Sziklabor Feketeleányka & Cabernet Franc 2015 (Ménes)
  • Bock Winery – Villányi Merlot Special Reserve 2013 (Villány)
  • Eszterbauer Winery – Nagyapám Kadarka 2017 (Szekszárd)
  • Gere Attila Winery – Fekete Járdovány 2016 (Villány)
  • Janos von Beőthy Csobánc-hegy – Petit Rhone 2013 (Badacsony)
  • Luka Winery – Kékfrankos 2015 (Sopron)
  • Mészáros Wine House – Bodzási Kékfrankos Prémium 2015 (Szekszárd)
  • Andrea Nagykadarka – Nagy-Eged Grand Superior 2016  (Eger)
  • Stumpf Winery – Nagy-Eged Öregtőkék Kékfrankos 2015 (Eger)
  • Schieber Winery – Patina Cabernet Franc 2013 (Szekszárd)
  • Tóth Ferenc Winery – Kékfrankos Superior Tornyos 2013 (Eger)
  • Thummerer Winery – Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2015 (Eger)


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