Currently, there are nearly 15,000 properties — houses or apartments — for sale in Hungarian villages that the family housing support program (commonly known as CSOK) starting in July affects. In the cheapest areas, one can find real estate for only €24-30 per square meter — for instance, in Vas county’s Halastó, in Felsővadász in Borsod county or in Pusztaottlaka in Békés county. The most expensive areas are near Balaton, according to analyses by

Earlier this week, detailed regulations concerning the new part of the state housing aid, the villagers’ CSOK, have been revealed. After this, went ahead and checked how many properties were up for sale this May in the affected areas, and what the average price per square meter is for them, reports

According to László Balogh, leading economic expert of, with the help of the new housing aid, there are about 2500 villages where real estate will be sold, which one can upgrade or expand after the purchase.

In order for the prices not to skyrocket because of the new aid, regulations state that only half of the aid can be used for buying, the other half has to be spent on upgrading and expanding.

“Family and twin house purchases, constructions and upgrades are expected to be given a boost by the new housing aid. All these could contribute to the significant improvement of the quality of real estates in popular towns. But in the areas concerned, a huge price gap can be observed between real estates, a difference of up to 100 times the other price,” added the expert.

According to the portal’s analysis, in villages affected by the housing aid, 14,639 properties — houses and apartments — were put on sale in May by owners and real estate agents.

Among them, Balatonakali takes first place. In the town on the northern coast, 15 kilometres from Balatonfüred, a total of 17 properties are waiting to be purchased, with an average of over €2800 per square meter. The second place goes to Vigántpetend — connected to the Valley of Arts Festival — where two houses are being sold for the average price of €2795 for a square meter. Tihany is in third place, where one has to pay €2034 per square meter on average for a real estate, 63 of which have been advertised this year. Other expensive areas include Szentbékkálla, Dörgicse and Kékkút, where the average price for a square meter is between €1488 and 1500.


The cheapest places include Halastó in Vas county, where the only piece of real estate up for purchase has a price of only €25 per square meter.

These places also include Felsővadász, Pusztaottlaka, and Tiszainoka, where real estate can be purchased for €37-40 a square meter, and the whole price of these houses is only between €1200 and 3700.

List of towns with the lowest average square meter price:

Halastó (Vas, 8,000 HUF or €25/m2)

Felsővadász (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, 12,000 HUF or €37/m2)

Pusztaottlaka (Békés, 13,000 HUF or €40/m2)

Tiszainoka (Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok, 13,000 HUF or €40/m2)


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