The frozen Lake Balaton has inspired quite a lot of photographers and videographers. The most recent example is Péter Kálló, known for his Balance project, who amazingly tried to walk through the icy Balaton. writes that the ice-floats of Lake Balaton are only safe close to the shore. The further you go in, the more dangerous it gets. The following video was preceded by special safety measures. And the outcome is simply breath-taking. Besides the amazing shots, we can also hear the sound of cracking ice. It’s almost a 4D experince, as you can feel the power of nature.

Something else that makes the video unique is that we don’t only see the lonely walk of the main character on drone shots, but also from down under the water.

According to, the videographer emphasises that no one should try the same experiment, because the average temperature has been increasing, thus the ice-floats have been melting. He added that they took all safety measurements before the shooting.

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