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According to turizmusonline.hu, the National Public Health Medical Officer Service (ANTSZ) currently gets 1-2 declaration requests in a year, but they expect this number to rise: even 4-5 settlements may ask the Office of the Medical Officer (OTH) to declare them health resorts.

According to OTH, there are 19 certified health resorts in Hungary. This number can be expanded, since there is EU application where this is one of the conditions.

ANTSZ OTH is allowed to acknowledge a settlement as a health resort. There are strict conditions: it is examined whether there is a natural “healing factor” like mineral water, medical mud, gases or the climate itself.

Appropriate institutions – such as baths, thermal hotels, spa caves, mofettas – are also needed. Another aspect is the presence of environmental conditions ensuring the peace of the patients, so the adequate infrastructure, air cleanliness, noise level and green areas are examined, too.

The declaration to health resort can be initiated on the basis of the decision of the local government’s representative body. The authorities conduct the process under 21 days, but it can last until one year due to the strict conditions and the bureaucracy. ANTSZ checks the necessary conditions afterwards as well, if a review is required, but at least within 20 years, turizmusonline.hu wrote.

According to ANTSZ, the declaration gives a title that can be used by the settlements for marketing activities. The use of a health resort this way is also beneficial for the Western European tourists whose costs can be reimbursed by their health insurance. The developments of the health resorts are also supported by the Ministry of National Economy.

In recent year two health resorts in Sarvar and Mezokovesd-Zsorifurdo, Nyiregyhaza-Sostogyogyfurdo, Szigetvar and Tapolca received the qualification. In addition, there are well-known health resorts such as Lillafured, Harkany, Balf, Kekestető, Heviz Balatonfured, Parad, Hajduszoboszlo, Zalakaros, Buk, Eger, Debrecen and Gyula on the list, turizmusonline.hu wrote.

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