The number of potholes on the roads of Budapest has significantly increased due to the extreme swings in temperature. More than 400 potholes have formed due to the recent weather conditions, and reconstruction workers work in three shifts to improve the quality of the Budapest road network, writes.

The weather is causing huge damages in the road network of Budapest. The main issue is not the cold, but the sudden increase and fluctuation in temperature.

“One day it was minus 10-15 degrees, the next it was plus 15, which was detrimental to the road network of the capital, and we are registering several hundred holes each day. We have issued a three-shift work day. The inspectors are constantly monitoring the roads, and when they find a very big pothole, they have to fill it with bagged asphalt,’ said Kornél Almássy, CEO of BKK Public Roads.

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On Thursday alone, 450 holes were registered, which is 6-7 times the average. However, the degree of damage is also influenced by the fact that the previous winters were much milder. The biggest potholes can be found on the sections of the roads that were in worse shape to begin with.

“If we cannot solve the problem immediately, we put up signs or fill the holes temporarily. Once spring comes, we have to go back and fix them properly,’ said the CEO.

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