Budapest, 2018. augusztus 14. Javítják a tetõt a felújítás alatt álló XII. kerületi Svábhegyi Jókai Mór Általános Iskola és Német Nemzetiségi Általános Iskolában 2018. augusztus 14-én. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

About 44 percent of Hungarian workers are not employed in the field where they have their highest qualification and a further 44 percent are actively thinking about changing jobs, mainly because of higher earning opportunities, according to a representative online survey by, sent to MTI on Friday.

The survey is based on interviews with 1,000 people.

Almost one-fifth of respondents said their highest qualification is vocational training but only 9 percent are currently employed as skilled workers. About 12 percent said their highest qualification is related to office administration while only 14 percent work in this field.

Around 8 percent of respondents said their highest qualification is for sales and commerce but just 4 percent of the participants of the survey are employed in such jobs.

When asked about their possible reasons for changing jobs, 34 percent of interviewees gave financial reasons,

15 percent said they wanted more flexible working hours and 14 percent indicated the loss of their job.

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As we wrote yesterday, Estonia has begun a recruitment campaign called Career Hunt to hunt down Hungarian and other professionals, mostly people in IT and engineering. Potential candidates are invited to get to know Estonia before making the big decision. Read more HERE.

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