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Estonia has begun a recruitment campaign called Career Hunt to hunt down Hungarian and other professionals, mostly people in IT and engineering, Forbes.hu reports. Potential candidates are invited to get to know Estonia before making the big decision.

The small Northern European state of Estonia has a population of only 1.3 million, but it has an increasingly growing IT and telecommunication sector. It is expected that by 2020, 37,000 technology experts will be missing from the Estonian labour market. They intend to fill some of those slots with professionals from Hungary.

According to CEO, Karoli Hindriks, the greatest problem in Estonia (and in the entire world) is labour shortage. She thinks that ordinary job advertisements are no longer enough because workers are much more mobile than before, and it takes much more effort to reach them.

Hungary jobless rate at 3.6pc – the labour shortage is huge

A survey conducted by ManpowerGroup shows that labour shortage is a much more serious problem nowadays than it was in the last 12 years. The highest demand is for engineers and IT specialists.

45% of the responding employers reported that it is a problem to find employees with adequate skills.

Hungarian labour market in extreme lack of workforce

Career Hunt provides potential candidates with the possibility of visiting Estonia (for free I might add) and getting to know the country and their future employer before having to make any decisions. Candidates are invited to meet with their future employer, besides having the opportunity to visit the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, or Robotex, the biggest robotics festival in the world.

Management positions are waiting to be filled at such well-known international companies as Taxify, Twilio, Veriff, Swedbank or even Microsoft.

According to Career Hunt’s website, the chosen candidates will:

  • Get a unique 5-day-experience in Tallinn with free flights and accommodation
  • Get free access to local tech events, get to visit the NATO Cyber Defence Centre, meet startup unicorns
  • Meet with potential employers and teams
  • Have fun (a few hints: true Nordic sauna-experience, craft beer, Robotex)
  • Explore Estonia as a place to work and live

Visit Career Hunt’s website for more information.

Source: www.forbes.hu

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