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According to, the times of believing that vegetables cannot make you full are over – at least if you dine at any of these five vegan restaurants. No matter if you are a vegan, a vegetarian or simply a curious meat-lover, the food you find here will definitely make you satiated.

People like to make fun of vegans, saying all they eat is salads, like animals. Others say they just consume light or that they do not eat anything at all. Nevertheless, everybody decides for themselves what they choose to do in their kitchen and what they put on the dinner table.

Those with an open mind about different lifestyles and cooking might be surprised how many alternatives there are to cooking and how easy it really is to find good food without any animal products in them.

Your horizons may actually broaden and you might discover all the different kinds of plants, grains, fruits and vegetables that you may not have heard about before. Not to mention the life-changing realisation that it is possible to live without fries and white rice. Checking out some of these vegan restaurants may be the first step towards your new lifestyle.

1. Hummus Bar

vegan, Hummusbar, vegetarian, restaurant

1051 Budapest, Október 6. Street 19.

Being one of the most famous vegan restaurants in Budapest, the Hummus Bar is a must on any list offering vegan and vegetarian options. These restaurants can be found in 13 locations all over Budapest, offering a delicious Greek salad with a side of hummus or a couscous salad topped with grilled vegetables. They offer non-vegan food as well, but their signature dish is definitely the chickpea spread. This place is a great choice even if you just want a quick bite. Their pita sandwiches and laffa rolls are the perfect choices for a delicious, quick and healthy snack. There are sweet options as well. Some may say they are too sweet – if there is such a thing – others might fall deeper in love with chickpeas.

2. Slow Foodiez

vegan restaurant

1067 Budapest, Szondi Street 11.

This restaurant offers intriguing dishes like an omelette made of chickpea flour along with their homemade bread. They also put spins on Hungarian specialities like cabbage stew á la Székely which you can try here served raw and topped with a cashew nut sauce. The place has a very nice atmosphere with a simple, homey feel to it. The servers are very friendly and make you feel like it is their own kitchen that they welcomed you in. So, it is a great place to visit when wanting to just think and enjoy good food at the same time.

3. Vegan Love

Vegan, veganLove restaurant food hamburger vegetarian

1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla Street 9.

Vegan Love is another classic on the Budapest vegan map. This street food place gives a new meaning to hamburgers, and you may actually feel like you stumbled upon the vegan heaven. You can choose from several kinds of hamburgers, like the sweet potato burger that includes spelt buns, a sweet potato patty, vegan cheddar cheese, horseradish cream and even some homemade ketchup. Not to mention the vegan dog they offer which is made up of spelt rolls, an organic tofu wiener, some fresh salad, vegan cheddar cheese and the signature homemade ketchup. So, you should definitely visit this place at least once.

4. Napfényes Restaurant and Confectionary

vegan, Napfényes Restaurant meal vegetarian

1036 Budapest, Kiskorona Street 8.

The name of this place is perfect as whoever enters the restaurant will instantly get into a better, sunnier mood. It is a great choice for both old-time vegans and those just dipping their toes, as you can witness here how literally everything can have alternatives. They also serve Hungarian specialities with a healthier twist to them, like stuffed cabbage that will make you want to lick all ten fingers. Moreover, there are great dessert options, too, like the vegan sponge cake á la Somló.

5. Kozmosz Vegan Restaurant

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1067 Budapest, Hunyadi Square 11.

This restaurant aims to show that vegan food, the vegan lifestyle can be diverse, filling, delicious, healthy and, last but definitely not least, affordable. They really have great prices as well as delicious food from bean burgers to coconut milk mushroom stews. Those with a sweet tooth can also be happy, as they can get various seasonal desserts, no doubt from fresh ingredients, but also some layered pancakes.

For some more dessert options, check out this article about healthy confectioneries.


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