Funzine compiled a list of  healthy confectioneries in Budapest where everyone can enjoy a nice piece of cake without guilt. Yes, everyone: even people with food allergies (e.g. gluten or lactose intolerance), people with diabetes or people who are simply on some kind of diet. Luckily, more and more places (restaurants, bakeries, etc.) open in the capital where owners consciously attend to people who have special needs when it comes to food. Here is a list of eight such confectioneries found in Budapest.

1. Naspolya Nassolda

In Naspolya Nassolda, everything is made without baking, gluten, milk or eggs. Thus, you can enjoy everything even if you have lactose intolerance or celiac disease.


This place puts fruits in the centre. Besides cakes and cookies, special smoothies, juices and dried fruits can be purchased. They also have healthy breakfast options to start your day right, enjoy them with a cup of coffee.

2. Corvinpont

Corvinpont offers both regular and special goodies made without gluten, lactose and sugar. If you have an intolerance to something, or you are simply on a diet, but your significant other is not willing to eat healthy sweets, then this is the place to go. Something for everyone. The supply is always changing, so it is hard to get bored with what the place has to offer.

3. Álomsüti

Álomsüti (dream cookie in Hungarian) is ideal for those who are serious about watching their weight and counting their daily calorie intake. Each and every cake is made without flavour enhancers, food colouring or sucrose (beet sugar). The products do not have a lot of calories, so you do not have to beat yourself up about enjoying a huge piece of cake.

4. Cukormentes cukrászda

Cukormentes cukrászda (sugar free bakery) really cares about its customers. They offer sweet goodies free from gluten, lactose and eggs. They make their products with xylitol (sugar alcohol used as sweetener) or other types of sweeteners instead of regular sugar. If you find something you would like to try but you can not, because it contains something you cannot eat, they will try to make the same product adjusted to your individual needs.

5. NoGlu Fény Cukrászda

This place exclusively uses xylitol to make their products. People behind NoGlu put an emphasis on the quality of their products, they only use chocolate with a high amount of cocoa and really good quality fruit.


6. Mentes

Mentes does not have an actual physical shop you can go and sit down in. It is a confectionery, making the goodies and selling them in different places. They use natural ingredients and work with nutritionists. Their products are made with erythtritol, xylitol and coconut sugar.

Vegan friendly

7. Vegán Édes Élet

The name speaks for itself, Vegán Édes Élet (vegan sweet life) specializes in vegan sweets. All of their products are vegan, and made without dairy, eggs or honey. You do not even have to leave your apartment to enjoy their cakes because they deliver.


8. Napfényes cukrászat

Vegans listen up, Napfényes Cukrászat (sunny confectionery) is another place for you. The products are entirely dairy free (no milk, eggs or butter). They also do not use preservatives and artificial colouring. The place also has sugar-free goodies for diabetics. Another specialty of the place is the sugar-free vegan ice-cream.


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