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Kis-Hárs-hegy Lookout

The forest walk to the Kis-Hárs-hegy Lookout is not burdensome, the route is about 1 km, the elevation is only 21 meters. We have to follow the green path from the Szépjuhászné buffet. You have a beautiful panoramic view to the North-Buda area from the lookout tower designed by Imre Makovecz, but you can see the Buda Castle and the Citadel as well.

Nagy-Hárs-hegy Lookout

kisharshegyikilatoThis is the big brother of the Kis-Hárs-hegy Lookout, which can be approached by the yellow path from the Szépjuhászné buffet, says The 0.8 km long forest road gradually becomes increasingly steeper, but we can reach our goal in 15-20 minutes. During the road we can have a rest at the resting place next to the Bátori Cave, then we can come across a narrow wooden bridge. The lookout tower is made of stone and is named after Károly Kaán forest engineer. Moving upwards, a widening panorama is revealing in front of the spectators.

Rupp mountain

The Rupp mountain – located in the 11th district – can be approached by the Rupp Mountain Nature Trail route. The trail statutory plates give detailed information about the mountain’s history, flora and fauna. There are 38 species of protected plants on the area. The way back and forth is 2-2,5 hours. You can see the other side of the city, if the weather is fine.


The Apáthy-rock is a popular tourist spot. From the terminus of bus 11 you have to walk 10 minutes. The most spectacular part of the 5.7-hectare area is the upper promenade, which connects the Nagybányai way with the Görgényi way. We can reach there the one of the most beautiful rock shapes of Buda Hills. There is a beautiful view from the top of the rock, but is is very dangerous.


You can approach this 10 acre protected area from the Farkasréti Cemetery. There are designated walking trails, and you can move through the entire area within a couple of hours. There are several resting places, and a lookout, which offers a great view to Budapest. The Ördögorom has a very unique flora and yu can find here geological rarities as well.

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