bar café outdoors garden sun collected the five best outdoors places to enjoy the last weeks of summer – and perhaps autumn as well. What would be a better way to wind down after work or at the weekend with friends and family?

Whether you wish to have a cold one, enjoy the sunshine, taste Aperol Spirtz with your friends, or just listen to others, you have a wide variety of places to enjoy the summer breeze. We already showed you a rooftop bar, High Note Skybar, which is not only the best in the world, but it is also in Budapest.

Nonetheless, sometimes we are looking for something else, something a little different or less busy.

Well, here are five places offering that something else – and despite their specialities, they are still not too crowded, so you can always count on getting in.

Ganz Beer-Garden

The bar is located in the first district and reminds people of England or even the Harry Potter stories. The bar has been here for over 15 years, but a few years ago they changed their profile and became a craft beer place.

Guests describe it as the most delightful place in the capital with the best atmosphere.

bar café outdoors garden
Charming atmosphere of Ganz Söröző. Photo:

There are quality craft beers, and they also offer unique whiskeys and wines, and you can count on the service being warm and polite.

bar café outdoors garden
The bubble of Bereg Embassy. Photo:

Bereg Embassy

The magical place on the Buda side of the capital lures people over to the “other side” even from Pest. It attracts guests with its garden, atmosphere and of course with the delicious burgers.

Moreover, the place is kid and pet-friendly, so you do not have to worry about troubling anyone or annoyed guests staring at you:

each and every member of the family is welcome at Bereg.

In our featured image you can see the sunny place, but rain will not harm you here either…



Építészpince (Architectures’ Cellar)

This bar is located in a stunning building with a stunning garden, the view itself is priceless already!

Every season works its own magic on the beautiful garden.

bar café outdoors garden
The charming and beautiful garden of Építészpince. Photo:

It is the perfect location if you wish to relax a little and read, or catch up with your friends, or perhaps you want to hang out with your family. They have a banqueting room for special occasions as well. And the cherry on the top is the comparatively cheap lunch menu.

Kadarka Bárka (Kadarka Ark)

What makes this place so special is the wide selection of wines on offer and the proximity of the Danube. Upon arriving you find yourself at a beach, where you are welcome to play volleyball or take a break from the busy city life while lying on a deck-chair.

bar café outdoors garden
Beach, bar and more! Photo:

Located on the Margaret Island, the bar is both a calm and bubbly place

– a great cocktail, just like their Aperol Spritz.

Két Rombusz

The name first sounds like a geometrical shape, rhombus, but it actually is “rom busz”, that is “ruin bus”.

bar café outdoors garden
The buses that certainly will not ruin your mood. Photo:

The retro bar is located on the Roman Beach,

and nomen est omen, it is made out of two ruined buses, giving the place a unique vibe.

We hope that these places captured your attention, make sure to check them out while you can still enjoy the warm weather. And should you get really hungry looking for the best garden, take a break and have a bite in one of the restaurants with panoramic views.

Featured image: Bereg Embassy,


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