Probably everyone would agree that enjoying a cold drink in a breezy, beautiful setting during these hot summer days is one of the best ways to relax and catch up with friends. Although Budapest is most famous for its ruin pubs, there are many exciting places with terraces to have some fun.

A38 ship

Here: Petőfi Bridge, Buda side

Közzétette: A38 Hajó – 2017. szeptember 4., hétfő

The A38 ship is probably the most popular thematic party and concert venues in Budapest nowadays: the hippest club and rock bands perform inside the hull.

During the summer there are free concerts and performances on the deck terrace too, but sometimes parties as well.

You can enjoy delicious food and cold drinks here even if you are not in the mood for a party. The pleasant Danube wind with a view of the Palace of Arts and the National Hungarian Theatre makes for a perfect time.


Here: Kemenesi street 10

pagony budapest

This café is one of the most interesting items on this list, as the old children’s pool at Gellért Bath were redesigned to create Pagony. If you wish to get away from the noise of the city and the hot temperatures, Pagony is a perfect choice, as it is dog-friendly and always cool. The food is excellent, the spritz is refreshing, and the view of the dome of Gellért Hotel harmonises with the creative and classy setting.

Trip ship

Here: Batthány square

Közzétette: TRIP – 2019. május 12., vasárnap

Culture and cocktails go hand-in-hand at Trip, an old Hungarian seafarer with a cool industrial feeling to it, complemented by a crane on-board. There are parties, concerts, theatre performances and parties of all genres, like swing nights and goa raves taking place inside the hull. However, the best aspect of Trip is the view of the Parliament while you are being swept away by an acoustic concert or theatre show on deck.


Here: Eiffel square, next to Nyugati Railway Station


Zsiráf (Giraffe) beer garden is only open during the summer, and consequently, their hours depend on the weather. Zsiráf makes good use of the large square next to Nyugati Railway Station, providing guests with an

impeccable view of the station, exceptional burgers, a wide range of craft beers and beer-based cocktails and fun activities, like table tennis or film nights.

Sometimes you can catch free acoustic concerts and even parties.


Here: Chain Bridge, Pest

Raqpart is a chic place at the perfect location: it is so close to the Danube that you feel like you are actually on a ship, enjoying the view of the Chain Bridge right in front of view. It feels as if the stone lions are there to keep you company while you are sipping on your amazing cocktails. Just make sure not to feed them any of the food, it would be a waste on them.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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