wrote two years ago on their Urbanist blog that we would be able to walk along the Danube from the Liberty Bridge until Dagály Bath on a 6.5 kilometre promenade in 2-3 years’ time. Now they report that it seems like this is going to happen, at least new details, dates and visuals were published on Let’s see the facts.

The part in question falls between the Parliament and Rákos Stream, and it will be developed in two phases this year:

  1. The northern section (between Dráva Street and Dagály) will include a 4 metre wide pedestrian walk, a 2×1.25 metre wide cycling lane, and the two will be divided by a set-up lane. Even though it has been argued, car traffic will be led away. Construction works started in October and they will be finished in the spring of 2017. The section between Dráva Street and Árpád Bridge will be called Moscow Promenade.
  2. The southern section (between Dráva Street and Margaret Bridge) has to make do with less space, because car traffic will be allowed there on an almost 10 metre wide lane (2×1 traffic lane in the width of 3.5 metres, with a 3 metre wide parking space, and a 3 metre wide service lane with 45° parking facility). A 6 metre wide promenade will be constructed for pedestrians. However, there’s no sign of cycling lanes. The plan was to let cyclist ride from Kossuth Square until Dagály, but according to the official explanation, the designers realised that they have to watch out for pedestrians. So they took away space from cyclists instead of cars or pedestrians. Construction works started last week and they are expected to be finished in spring.

The section between Kossuth Square and Margaret Bridge will be renewed after the World Aquatics Championships in July. To sum up, the change is absolutely positive, walking along the Danube on a longer period will be great – even if we missed the chance to balance the different traffic branches in regions closer (aka more valuable) to the city centre.



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