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Raise your hand if you agree that cruising in the August sunshine is one of the most special experiences in the summer. If you happen to be relaxing in one of the bigger wellness centres located around the Danube or other major flows in Hungary, or around Lake Balaton, then you should consider taking a boat trip on these waters. Termalfurdo.hu has six suggestions for you.

The romantic: Lake Balaton

Relaxing at Hévíz is definitely refreshing, and if you’re already there, then why not sail around Balaton as an evening programme? There is a range of varieties to choose from when you’re planning your trip: you can stick with simple 1-hour trips (the view and the experience are both amazing), you can go on wine tours, cruise on a concert boat, have dinner on a boat, or pick one that will ensure that your kids are having fun too. Several boats take off at different hours from the port of Keszthely, and you can even rent a boat for your group. You can admire the lake and the shore from the boat, so it is a must-try if you’re in the vicinity.

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The secrets of Mother Nature explored at Lake Velence

It is probably a less-known program around Lake Velence, but you can cruise here as well. If you’re spending your holiday at Agárd, then visit the Pákozd monument, from where the cruising boats take off. If you want to dive deeper into the mysterious reed labyrinth of the lake, then we recommend the canoe trips. The 1,5-3 hour canoe trips allow you to explore those regions of the lake that are inaccessible by boat. This is the best option to see the interesting and strange floating moors, and also the best for birdwatching. If you’re with a group, then we suggest the trips between Agárd and the Szúnyog island (Mosquito Island). You can fix your taking off time in advance, just like at Gárdony and Velence.

Photo By Susulyka (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Budapest, the classic

If we’re on the topic of water and Budapest, then first we suggest you try out the historic baths, and then definitely go cruising. You have several options at the capital too, such as longer trips to Szentendre, Esztergom and Visegrád, where you can choose to go with a fast hydrofoil craft, with a pleasure boat or even opt for a motorboat adventure. You can simply stick with Budapest, where a lot of sight-seeing boats take off from Vigadó square and the ports nearby. BKV offers boat trips in the city as well, however, in this case, you have to check the schedules.

Liberty bridge
Photo by László Cseke

The novice: Esztergom

On each Saturday afternoon in the summer of 2017, you can go on a cruising trip from Esztergom. However, this should not be confused with the regular passenger boat taking off to Budapest. These trips are short, yet very pleasant. On this short, 45-minutes long, sight-seeing water tour you will get to see the Esztergom Castle and the Basilica, the Mária Valéria bridge, the small islands nearby, the natural wonders near Esztergom, and the peaks of Pilis and Buda. The boats take off at the Mahart hithe, to where they return to.

Tradition of sailing: Szeged

Sailing was quite natural at Szeged up to the beginning of the 20th century. Today, however, one would barely believe that there was a shipbuilding yard on the bank of the Tisza, where even sea-sailing boats were built in great numbers. The shipwright working here were well-experienced and highly trained craftsmen, valued by the locals. They built silos, arks and water mills from wood transported from Transylvania. Sailing and the significance of water life has decreased in Szeged, but fortunately, the city still offers options for cruising. You can explore the Tisza river and the water life during these trips, see the unique view of Szeged, or sail to neighbouring cities like Magyarkanizsa or Zenta.

View of the Szeged Cathedral from the Tisza
photo: szentjanoshotel.hu

Admiring nature at the Dráva river

Harkány offers options for bathing and wellness, and if you pop by Drávaszabolcs, you can go cruising. Since the Dráva flows just a couple kilometres away from Harkány, you can take on the opportunity to admire the natural wonders while sailing. The Dráva borders Hungary on the south and it is one of the clearest and untouched rivers of Europe. The sailing trips will take across the Danube-Dráva National Park, so you will get a glimpse into the unique and wonderful bird and animal fauna of the region. The port is at Drávaszabolcs, and can be accessed by car and by bus, with parking options provided. Drávaszabolcs is 7 km away from Harkány.

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