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Today, all of us are experiencing a tough period. The worldwide crisis caused by coronavirus will remain etched in our memories for a long time. Not only due to the necessary restrictions introduced in most of the countries in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic; but also due to its social consequences, as a result of which several factors in our lives including health, time, money, work, education etc. require different attitude than before.

In order to preserve our health and get through this critical period as soon as possible, we should obey the safety rules and – if possible – stay at home. In this dramatic situation, we would like to encourage our Dear Readers with some positive thoughts that might brighten some minutes of our days spent in home quarantine.

1. More free time

Under normal circumstances, the majority of people race against time.

‘Beating the clock’ has become a fashionable social disease by now; however, this period shows us the importance of slowing down a bit and enables us to spend more time with our loved ones.

Coronavirus - online yoga training
Image: MTI/Balázs Attila

Due to our rushing lifestyle, we tend to neglect our favourite hobbies and preferred activities, but here is the opportunity to catch up on everything.

2. On the way of development

In the middle of March, the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán announced that Hungary’s public education will be converted to digital education. The announcement concerned millions of people – besides children staying at home, their parents and teachers also had to restructure their daily lives. As the Hungarian news portal reports, the introduction of online education had already been planned; however, due to the extraordinary situation of coronavirus, its realisation has been speeded up. Thanks to the persistent Hungarian teacher community, online education has been successfully introduced in most of the cases.

Online education
Image: MTI/Komka Péter

The digitalisation enables students to learn together in virtual groups, following the learning materials available on online platforms.

We must clarify that the transition process was not that easy; it required discipline from all the participants; however, during this short period, the education system has made significant progress.

Due to the restrictions, the majority of employers have taken similar actions by the introduction of the home office. This experience can lead to the long-term transformation of the previous structure, realising that employers do not have to maintain huge offices in order to provide smooth workflow; furthermore, the home atmosphere might improve employee performance in some cases.

By the end of this period, home office might become part of the work schedule at least 1-2 times a week.

3. Increased creativity

Besides education and work, creativity has improved significantly in several other areas. Everyone intends to adapt to the unprecedented situation that has arisen. After the first shock, the majority of entrepreneurs started to search for some solution by which their product could become available in the online space as well.

As a result, one could find his/her favourite trainings, yoga classes, drawing courses, workshops etc. in an online version. 

Online yoga class
Image: MTI/Balázs Attila

Of course, these possibilities had also been provided before; however, those who did not believe in it or did not feel its necessity now managed to take up the beat in time. Not to mention the massive amount of cultural products, including theatre and circus performances, musical shows, online film premieres, exhibition halls and virtual museums that have become available in the cyberspace.

Hungarian theatre coronavirus actor
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4. Environment

A further positive factor can be discovered in the environmental conditions.

There are several reports about the pandemic’s beneficial effects on the planet, including dropping air pollution, clearing waters, decreasing emissions from coal combustions etc.

Even though, nowadays our first reaction is accumulation, later on, human consumption can also become reduced in the longer term (for example in the case of fuel, fast food or fast fashion) that will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the environment.

Despite this factor, we must admit that the shutdown has several destructive impacts as well; however, the human is stronger than ever – nowadays, we manage to survive as we would never have guessed.

5. The truly important things

As a result of the pandemic, the focal point of communication has changed. Obviously, coronavirus is in the main focus of the media;

however this hard period also symbolizes the strength of community.

Nowadays, we must pay particular attention to the older ones and help them as much as we can – indirectly, without meeting them! In order to enhance togetherness, more and more world-famous celebrities – Olympic champions, Hollywood stars, world-renowned singers – encourage their fans to join the ‘Stay Home’ campaign and self-isolate themselves during the pandemic period. Several associations donate money to support the sacrificial work of health professionals.

Today, we support each other and keep the soul alive through online communication.

6. Solidarity

Concerning attention, there is one more positive factor we cannot miss – solidarity.

This period perfectly shows the best of human nature.

By way of example, we must mention those

  • young people who help the elderly generation by doing their shopping;
  • companies that provide financial support for digital learning to the ones that cannot afford it;
  • volunteers who support homeless people and the ones living in extreme poverty;
  • singers who give strength with the power of music;
  • and above all, health care workers for their sacrificial work, without whom we could not succeed.

We all know that in this hard period, it is difficult to see the bright side of life; however, we are all in this together, and we will manage to get through this tough period by common force.

“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.”

Never lose this treasure. Take care of each other – stay patient, stay safe, stay home!


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