A man stabbed his former girlfriend many times in the neck in Budapest, and an 18-year-old man was killed by his brother in the weekend in Mórahalom (South Hungary). Horrific details below.

A man arrived at his former girlfriend’s place in the 11th district on January 3. The woman allowed his former partner into her apartment, but no later than a couple of minutes, they began to fight, police.hu reported. The moment the man started to hit the woman with his hands, the locksmith mending the lock on the entrance door tried to intervene. However, the attacker managed to take out a knife, stab the woman many times on her neck, and finally, he got away.

Police caught him only half an hour later in his 5th district apartment. Here is a video about the police action:

38-year-old András M. is now in custody, suspected of homicide attempt. The police initiated his preliminary arrest.

On Saturday morning, firemen found a dead body in a burnt-down house in Mórahalom. At first, they thought that the reason was the fire, but it was suspicious that not only the building but also its annexes burnt down, delmagyar.hu said. 

Finally, they discovered that the 18-year-old boy was stabbed by his elder brother who burnt down the building after committing fratricide. The firemen took two gas cylinders out of the burning building before they could blow up.

Horror weekend Hungary
Source: police.hu

The perpetrator tried to hide from the police. However, they managed to find him in only 12 hours. Afterwards, he was taken into custody, and the police announced on Sunday morning that he acknowledged the fratricide but gave no reasons for it.

The 18-year-old boy worked in a nearby restaurant and studied to become a cook. His boss said that the boy did not talk too much about his family, but he did not seem to have any problems at home. He only knew for sure that their mother left their home months before. He added that

the murdered boy was reliable and his colleagues liked him.

Source: police.hu, delmagyar.hu

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