One of the governesses had to take the knife out from the body of the 15-year-old girl while the perpetrator started to run, but she was caught almost immediately by other teachers. More shocking details below.

The incident is without parallel in the children’s home of Esztergom where mostly girls who suffer from psychological problems or addiction live, Blikk reported. The 13-year-old girl attacked the other girl in the kitchen of the institution in front of her classmates and teacher. The victim was stabbed below her scapula and was transported to the local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The attack was so sudden that the teacher had no chance to prevent it. However, thanks to her presence of mind, the victim has a chance to survive because

she was able to take out the knife and call the ambulance immediately.

The perpetrator ran from the kitchen but was caught by other teachers who were heading to the kitchen after hearing cries from there.

Dr Veronika Zsirai, the deputy spokeswoman of the local public prosecutor’s office, said that there were no antecedents because the two girls did not fight before. The 13-year-old perpetrator was arrested and taken to the Rákospalota Correctional Institute and Central Special Children’s Home. She could receive a prison sentence between 2 and 8 years; however,

she is only 13, so she cannot be imprisoned.

Violence in schools and brutal fights among the students have been coming to light more and more in the last few years. The mental health specialist said that the girl was aware of the consequences of what she did, so she is punishable. Blikk wrote that she was transferred to Esztergom in March 2019 because

she tried to rob a man with a broken beer bottle in Cegléd.

Then, the police opened an investigation against her because of armed robbery.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Human Resources, 48 underage people were taken into correctional institutes in 2018. Two of them because of murder, 20 of them because of robbery, and 5 because of ransacking. In 2017, these numbers were 69, 4, 41, and 2. Therefore, statistics show improvement, says Blikk.

One month ago, a student stabbed his teacher with a twelve cm knife several times during Physics class in Győr. Police opened an investigation for attempted murder then. The 17-year-old boy’s classmates said that

he stabbed his teacher because he did not like her teaching methods.

The law in Hungary forbids carrying knives longer than 8 cm in public spaces.


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