Things escalated extremely quickly when, as a response to the guests’ request for the complaint book, an employee working for a gyros buffet in Budapest stabbed a man in the head, RTL and 24.hu report.

Lead by their mayor Tamás Beri, a group of workers from Tornanádaska, Borsod county arrived in Budapest to work on a construction site. The seven workers and the mayor decided to have lunch at a random gyros buffet in the capital.

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According to Tamás Beri, they asked the employee working in the buffet for plates in order not to get their clothes dirty. However, the employee told them that unfortunately, he cannot give them plates.

Since the buffet could not provide plates, Tamás Beri asked for the complaint book.

“He said he could not provide the plates, so I asked for the complaint book because I thought this was the way to handle this. Then, the employee said that this was not a library.”

told Tamás Beri to RTL.

The mayor also told RTL that they do not deny that they screamed at the employee and they wanted to leave the restaurant. One of the employees of the gyros restaurant reported that the men were very loud, and they threw a metal tray to one of the employees.

Suddenly the men noticed that one the workers’ hand was on his head, and when he moved his hand, they saw a huge cut on his temple.

“His head was split” – told Beri.

The restaurant employee attacked one of the men with the huge knife used to slice the meat for the gyros. The wounded man was immediately transported to a hospital.

The employee who attacked one of the men with the meat slicing knife quit immediately. The police investigation for aggravated assault is still in progress.

RTL’s report on the matter (in Hungarian) can be seen in the video below.

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Featured image: Illustration/Pixabay

Source: www.rtl.hu; www.24.hu

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