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Death and murder have fascinated people since the beginning of time. No wonder that gladiator fights and public hangings were so popular among the general public. In 2017, TV series investigating murders or portraying murderers are extremely popular, such as NCIS, Hannibal, Making a Murderer, Dexter just to mention a few. If you are a fan of these gruesome stories, we have something for you. Bors assembled a list of the 7 most famous murder cases in Hungary in which the victims’ bodies were never found.

Disclaimer: No disrespect is intended to anyone, especially the families and friends of the victims.

7. Rozália Janó (1955)

Rozália Janó was a 34-year-old cleaning lady working and living in Kecskemét. She had an affair with a married man named Dezső Gulácsi. Dezső was so worried that Rozália would tell his wife about their affair that he killed Rozália with an axe. He hit her in the head with the axe and then put her body into a hot air apparatus at his workplace. There were no remains of her body found. Dezső confessed to his crime and was sentenced to life in prison.

6. Helga Farkas (1991)

Helga Farkas was a young woman coming from a wealthy family in Orosháza. One day, she got into her car and left her house. She never returned. She was kidnapped. Her kidnappers demanded a ransom from her family. The details are unknown of what happened later, but Helga was never seen again. Most probably she was murdered, her body was never found and nobody was convicted for her murder. Some information has surfaced that her kidnappers might have been connected to organised crime.

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5. István Csóka (1997)

What happened to István Csóka (known by his nickname Dinda) is something we would think can only happen in movies. Most probably, he was murdered because he knew too much about a double homicide case happening at that time. His body was never found. One year after István’s murder, a man named István Terjeki claimed to have known what happened, but he was also murdered. His car was blown up.

4. Mónika Here (2003)

Then 27-year-old Mónika Here gave birth to her son in her home in Ibrány, then she put the baby into a plastic bag and hid him in the shed in the garden. The baby’s body was found a week later by Mónika’s partner who buried him in a field nearby. Later, deep ploughing was done in the area, probably this is the reason why the baby’s body was never found. Mónika later confessed.

3. Old Erzsi (2010)

Perpetrator, Zsolt R. committed double homicide. He killed his landlord and an old lady called Erzsi. He suffocated and dismembered the old lady. Remains of her body were never found, but her DNA was found on Zsolt’s clothing. Zsolt R. was sentenced to life in prison.

2. István Ramadani (2011)

Henriett P. was the former partner of István Ramadani. Allegedly, the man was suffocating her, but she managed to hit him with a pan which killed him instantly. Allegedly, Henriett dragged the body out to the yard and dismembered it into 164 pieces, then burnt the remains. She confessed, but no remains of the body were found. The case was closed due to lack of evidence.

1. VV Fanni (2017)

24-year-old Fanni was known from the Hungarian reality show called Való Világ (VV for short). The media payed close attention to the circumstances of her disappearance and murder. László B. is accused of Fanni’s murder. László was Fanni’s ex-boyfriend, who could not accept the fact that she broke up with him. Authorities are still searching for her body, which is supposedly hidden in a forest in Veszprém.

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