As it was revealed at Lidl Wine Expo Hungary, a German supermarket chain significantly contributed to the further popularisation of the world-famous Hungarian wine culture: it sold almost 15 million bottles of Hungarian wine last year. About half of this amount was exported beyond Hungary’s borders. Királyleányka, Tokaji Furmint and Szürkebarát have proven to be the most popular among the market chain’s customers, according to

Lidl Wine Expo Hungary was hosted for the fifth time this year. 366 brands and types of Hungarian wines were represented at the event that is keen on spreading the fame of Hungarian wineries in Europe. The representatives of 10 European countries — including Germany, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Poland — tasted hundreds of wines from 21 different wine areas to choose the ones they mean to merchandise.

The event is important especially for smaller wine cellars and family enterprises, for which it means a great opportunity to get famous.

Lidl Wine Expo Hungary seems to be effective in its purpose, as its visitors ordered 3.1 million bottles of wine following the tasting. Such prestigious wine experts participate at the wine expo as Caroline Gilby and Richard Bampfield.

The ominous German supermarket chain sold 14.9 million bottles of different Hungarian wine brands during 2017. This is almost 20 percent better than in the year before.

Fortunately, not only customers from abroad are interested in Hungarian wine: 7.8 million bottles were sold in Hungary last year, which is also about one fifth more than the 6.3 million in 2016. The other 7 million bottles were exported to several other countries of Europe, estimated to be worth 9.7 million euros. Thus Lidl provides 10 percent of the whole Hungarian wine market. Hungarian wineries produce a rapidly increasing tendency both inside and outside the country’s borders.

According to the sales, the three most popular brands were Királyleányka, Tokaji Furmint and Szürkebarát in 2017.


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