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7 photography series that will make you want to visit Budapest –

7 photography series that will make you want to visit Budapest – – Budapest was on my radar for what seems like an eternity. After visiting last month, it’s clear that Budapest is an amazing destination! The city became one of eastern Europe’s major city break destinations. Cheap and historically rich, much of the city has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Budapest is a city which demands your attention.

I spent 3 days in the city, exploring the city and looking for the most photogenic places… Budapest is really beautiful!


You can’t miss it, it’s massive ! The Hungarian Parliament Building, which was designed and built in the Gothic Revival style, is the largest building in Hungary.

40 million bricks, 500000 precious stones and 40 kilos of gold were use for the construction! Luxury has no limit, and it is everywhere in the building!

Fina Aristic

Although the impressive building looks fantastic from every angle, to see the whole building in its full glory, it is worth viewing it from the other side of the Danube. I recommend to go up the hills for sunset, and enjoy the night view. It is rightly illuminated in a golden glow.

Photo by Gauvin Pictures

Photo by Gauvin Pictures


It is the second-oldest electrically operated underground railway in the world (after London). Its iconic Line 1, completed in 1896, was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002. I will not forget my first impression of Budapest. After taking the bus from the airport, we took the line 3, built in the 70s by the soviet union. I could really feel like back in the past during the cold war. I also recommend to explore the new metro 4 for some architecture photography.

Most of Budapest’s city center and historic districts are suitable for walking. So it is probably the best way to get around and explore. However, you can quickly visit the city using the tramway. I recommend to take a ride on Tram No.2. It takes the entire river route from one side of Pest to the other.

Photo by Gauvin Pictures

Photo by Gauvin Pictures


We also got a sneak peek at the Castle District, home to many of Budapest’s historic sights and attractions, like the dramatic Matthias Church and the seven towers of Fisherman’s Bastion.

Although the Fisherman’s Bastion looks like a medieval monument, it was actually built in the early 20th century in a neo-Gothic style. Sitting atop Castle Hill, Fisherman’s Bastion provides some of the most spectacular views in all of Budapest. It is superb at night, when the orange lighting give the place a shimmering hue and offer excellent photographic opportunities.

Photo by Gauvin Pictures

Photo by Gauvin Pictures


The banks of the Danube are listed as a Unesco World Heritage site so it’s a joy to take a stroll along the Danube (especially at night when everything is lit up). This stretch of the Danube walkway goes from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Chain Bridge, and is perfect for those who want a short, but interesting walk. Promenading along the Danube is a great way to see many of Budapest’s best sights.

The Chain Bridge is one of Budapest’s most well-known landmarks. It crosses the Danube River and connects the Buda and Pest sides of the city. It was the longest suspension bridge in Europe and the first permanent bridge to cross the Danube River in Hungary when it opened in 1849.

Photo by Gauvin Pictures

Photo by Gauvin Pictures


If I had to recommend one museum in Budapest, my number one choice will be the Museum of Applied Arts. The building itself is one of the most beautiful examples of Art Nouveau, and was designed by Lechner Ödön in 1896. Budapest’s Lechner is compared to Barcelona’s Gaudi in terms of architectural design genius.

Photo by Gauvin Pictures

Photo by Gauvin Pictures


It was the first time I was entering in a synagogue, and I’ve not been disapointed. The Great Synagogue is not only a beautiful structure, it’s also the world’s second largest synagogue, and the biggest outside of Israel. The interior and the garden were restored in the 1990’s, and it is fantastic!

Photo by Gauvin Pictures

Photo by Gauvin Pictures


Hungarian is not the easiest language. Hopefully, locals are very welcoming and friendly, and they mainly speak a good english.

Compared to Barcelona streets, Budapest was for me desertic. That’s good, I don’t like to have lot of people for street pictures.

Street photography is spontaneous and waits for no one. There are times when it’s not possible to raise the camera to your eye, and so shooting from the hip is a quick and also discreet method of capturing decisive moments. For this series, I also used the Quiet function of my camera.

Photo by Gauvin Pictures

Photo by Gauvin Pictures

This is just a fraction of how gorgeous Budapest is.

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Source: by Gauvin Pictures


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