MySQL is an exceptional database management system that helps you to efficiently manage relational databases. It is an open source Oracle backed up software that is easy to use and runs smoothly on different platforms including Windows, UNIX, and Linux among others. What’s more, it is a highly scalable, fast and reliable component based on a client-server model. 

The heart of MySQL is its server and it is highly advanced to enable it to handle an array of database commands. Therefore, it is available as a separate program that can be used in an environment with a client-server network. Its core features include:

  • Enhanced performance.

  • Easily accessible across different platforms.

  • It is easy to use standard SQL commands.

  • Supports different databases.

  • It guarantees top-notch security due to its encrypted password system.

In a business environment, MySQL undoubtedly creates a logical backup to your database. Here are 7 reasons to choose MySQL for your business data backup.

 1. Top Notch Data Security

In a business environment, you need a backup plan that guarantees top-notch security round the clock.

MySQL is renowned for being a reliable, secure and trusted platform that offers the best security to your databases.

It benefits your business by allowing for a safe and secure transaction, protecting your client information and by offering the best security support to your systems.

MySQL binary log has solid security features including unrivaled data encryption that prevents unauthorized access of your data.

It also comes with SSH and SSL for secure and safer client-server connections.

It has the best and one of the most powerful mechanisms that restrict access to your server by hackers. As a result, it blocks out suspicious users at different levels.

2. 24hr Uptime

In a highly competitive business environment, you need a backup solution that supports your system round the clock. MySQL comes with highly specialized and enhanced cluster servers and slave/master duplication configuration for enhanced security.

3. Unmatched scalability

MySQL backup facilitates your apps in the most flexible way. It uses a small and highly functional footprint even in large establishments or massive warehouses. It, therefore, suits any business set up due to its on-demand scalability. This is a core feature for MySQL data backup plan. Furthermore, it works in an exceptional way to provide the best customization for your business.

4. Robust and Comprehensive transactional support

To efficiently secure your transactional database, you can count on MySQL. It has the best support features including durable, consistent, atomic and multi-version operational support. It is the go-to business backup solution that guarantees quality and full data integrity. With MySQL data backup, it doesn’t matter whether you run a small or a large establishment, your data integrity is guaranteed through a reliable server approved referential.

5. Complete Workflow

Once you install MySQL as your backup plan on your Microsoft, UNIX, Linux or Macintosh platform, you will enjoy smooth operations.

The backup offers comprehensive solutions and allows you to benefit from management features that automate different aspects of your database system including data configuration.

6. Quality Performance

MySQL backup comes with distinct performance features for flawless operations in your business. It is designed to meet the demands of all your applications right from e-commerce websites or modern high speed processing transactional systems among others. It maintains optimum speed for smooth and reliable operations.

 7. Flexibility

MySQL combines quality and trusted the software and secure processing system to provide effective solutions to different data backup needs. Therefore, it makes your business transactions for small and large volume tasks, upgrades and debugging, easy, fast and reliable. In the end, it enriches the end-user experience for increased profitability in your business.

In a nutshell, MySQL helps you to securely manage, store and recover your data. It is a business backup solution that you can trust.

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