Overstress, encumbrances, narrowed thinking, aggressive communication, lager-logic, the lack of acknowledgement are just a few out of the most common reasons why many Hungarians move abroad to places, where life is simpler, more organised and better. Staying or going is a very controversial topic in Hungary; however, there are also reasons for staying in your homeland (for Hungarians, but maybe for others, elsewhere, as well) and szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu shared seven of them.

  1. You have people to turn to
    Even though our life might not be the most idyllic, it’s always important to have someone to call in trouble, to have someone to celebrate your happiness with and to have someone to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. A loving family and real friendships can be primary bonding points in our lives, which you might not want to leave behind.laugh
  2. Starting from zero is not easy
    Sense of security is a key aspect when choosing your life path, and having relations, profession, job, knowledge of location and a mostly predictable pace of life can be reasons to stay in your home country. The knowledge about the course of our everyday lives is a value, which we only truly face when missing it.
  3. Well-being is relative
    We compare our country to the western world and see less prosperity and more hardship. But we shouldn’t forget that everything is relative and maybe try using others’ love, the fact that we have something to eat, have a nice appearance and a relationship network, as our main fuelling sources.
  4. Learning how to be satisfied
    Some people believe that their “hunger for life” can be only quelled by material possessions but then they might not eat their fill, just become hungrier. Others believe that the “ethics of enough” should be followed even in the field of economy, because only saying “enough” can mean that others also get something.freedom
  5. This is your mother tongue
    Even though our knowledge of languages can be enough to start a new life in another country, we only understand people’s everyday reality, challenges and happiness truly in our homeland, as we don’t only understand, feel and talk in Hungarian on an idiomatic level. It is much more than that!
  6. Challenge accepted
    We have to face challenges in all countries, and it is up to you where you choose to face them. But first, maybe we should try to overcome challenges in our home country and talk about the undiscussed topics, find the hidden opportunities, talents and values around us that are waiting to be discovered.which way
  7. Just because – not for Joseph
    The writers of the original article believe that Hungary is a liveable country, or, at least, we could make it liveable. We shouldn’t leave not for Joseph because it was us who messed it up and we should try making the best out of it just because. Nevertheless, you are the master of your life; you are to decide where you want to follow your dreams.

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Source: http://www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu/

  1. The fearful will stay, the bold and decisive and confident will go. Which does Hungary need more?

  2. Yes, in better times you could say, the wise stay and try to progress and the risk takers leave to stories of the west. We need both. Even the risk takers eventually enhance their wisdom. It’s been said, “A rolling stone gathers no moss”.

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