Kiskunhalas murder
Photo: MTI/Donka Ferenc

Everyone loved and respected the old glass entrepreneur, who was stabbed to death in Kiskunhalas by his own godson. After the murder, the 23-year-old man walked straight to the police where he confessed what he had done.

As the Hungarian news portal borsonline reports, the whole settlement of Kiskunhalas is in mourning for the 79-year-old glass entrepreneur after yesterday’s tragic incident.

The elderly man was killed by his own godson, who immediately confessed the crime at the local police station.

The victim was loved and respected by everyone in the city. He worked actively even in his old age and was completely intact – mentally and physically as well. According to the locals, no one has ever thought that his own relative would attack uncle T. Lajos;

the elderly man had no chance against the 23-year-old perpetrator.

“He loved his family, lived and worked for them even after retirement. He loved his godson, we are simply unable to believe what could have led to this horror, it seemed that the young man also loved his uncle.” – said the locals who are still in shock.

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