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Five times more students apply than can be accepted to the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest which is among the best four universities in Europe and the majority of international students study there, said the rector of the University of veterinary medicine Péter Sótonyi to Világgazdaság.

The university currently has 663 Hungarian and 1178 foreign students from 52 countries.

According to Sótonyi, 600 people applied for the 120 places advertised for Hungarian students and all except for one receive state funding. Out of all Hungarian universities, the majority of international students attend the University of Veterinary Medicine, and 63% of them study veterinary medicine in English or German. Most of them came from Germany, but many come from Norway, Ireland and England as well.

Foreign students bring a significant revenue; they pay 12 thousand euros (nearly 4 million forints) per capita for tuition.

Currently, the university intends to extend its training from 11 semesters to 12 semesters hoping that by altering the system, shortages in professions of the sector will decrease.

An extra semester would grant students the chance to acquire daily skills more efficiently and specialise for animal species.

At the same time governmental decision is also needed to popularise professions with shortages – like official veterinarians. It is also deemed necessary for veterinarians to have an obtainable carrier model.


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