According to, Istvan Tenyi, known for his accusations, reported on an unknown perpetrator in his letter sent to the National Police Headquarters for road endangerment.

Also Daily News Hungary wrote about the Hungarian truck driver who was at Calais and posted a video on YouTube which shows him turning the wheel towards migrants walking on the road.

First, he scolded the refugees who repeatedly pelted the vehicles. Then the Hungarian driver suddenly turned the wheel towards the walkers. wrote that the driver is the employee of a Slovakian company called Dabeda s.r.o. The owner Peter Gratz briefly confirmed the driver was working for them, on the actions planned by the company, he said they had ordered him not to publish private opinions, political opinions on YouTube or anywhere else while working, especially not if he momentarily uses the company’s trucks. The owner did not say whether he fires the employee or he plans to impose any punishment on him.

The man who reported the truck driver is Istvan Tenyi. He is a member of the Budapest (Belvaros) Fidesz and a teacher. Previously, he filed several reports, for example, against organizers of opposition demonstrations, newsportal or Patriotism and Progress Association and Egyutt party. Tenyi worked for a school in 2013, but he was fired, because he allegedly politicized during his classes, wrote.

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Photo: Calais Emigrant vs. Drivers & EUROPA YouTube video
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Source: Daily News Hungary

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  1. Tenyi, Istvan is an idiot. When will the liberal fascists keep their noses out of decent people’s business. Funny how they go ballistic if you get into their business. Liberalism is making satan laugh out loud

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