Hungary France fun Pierrouf
Photo:’s Go Pierrouf

He lost a bet in Budapest, so he should have walked 1642 kilometres to Cambounet-sur-le-Sor in Southern France which would have taken 14 days. However, he was smarter than that. 

In fact, he and his friends were playing in a Budapest wine bar, and Pierre drew the short straw – Hvg reported. Therefore, he should have walked home with his suitcase and only 150 EUR after his friends threw his credit card into a jug of beer. They also created an open Facebook-group for him where he had to post his photos. He was given a cigar and a selfie stick, and they agreed that they would consider it a call for help if he posted a photo of the lit cigar.

Hungary France Pierrouf
The journey home. Photo:’s Go Pierrouf

Even though the man started his 14-day-long journey on foot to Cambounet-sur-le-Sor in Southern France on Sunday, he arrived there by the start of the local football team’s training on Tuesday. This is because he took a bus and was hitchhiking.

On Sunday, he travelled to Zagreb by bus, but the first vehicle he took broke down. He watched a football match in the Croatian capital and spent the night in the flat of a local. Then he travelled on a truck to Venice because it was part of the bet that he had to ride on a gondola there.

Pierrouf Budapest Hungary France
Greetings from Venice. Photo:’s Go Pierrouf

On Monday, he arrived in Milan where he watched the Milan-Bologna football match in San Siro. Then he hitchhiked home where he arrived by the start of the local football team’s training because, according to the bet, that was the final deadline of his arrival. Since he succeeded, his friends welcomed him with flags and smoke torches.

Pierre became very famous in France, many newspapers and TV channels reported about what he did, proven by the photo below:

Pierrouf Budapest Hungary France
He became famous. Photo:’s Go Pierrouf


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